2 years of Ratemybeard

Happy beardday Ratemybeard

One night a little over two years ago, an idea popped up in my head, it was the idea of starting a website to promote beards, beard products and the bearded community. An idea that would turn in to action! On this day, October 27 2013, 2 years ago, Ratemybeard saw the light of day. It looked a whole lot different back then, and it was mostly focusing on rating beards, as the name would suggest.

Old Ratembyeard
The first Ratemybeard design!

I quickly saw that a beard rating site was gonna be popular and I started thinking of other things to do, and that ended up in reviews, articles and giveaways. To this date there are over 6000 beard pictures uploaded on the website, close to 100 reviews, tons of articles and I’ve held about 50 giveaways, giving away beard related products, everything from beard oil, beard balm to beard tokens and apparel.

The website have gone trough some tough times and a few cosmetic changes over the years.
I actually started Ratemybeard.net at first, but somewhere along the way someone attacked the website and it broke down, not being able to fix it I got Ratemybeard.se and moved all content to the new domain. This was a stressful time and the website were down for days, but it all got sorted out in the end. I’ve updated the design on the website a few times, but only 3 big changes, which took some time, but I think I found a good layout now. I

Andreas Fransson Bearded VillainsRatemybeard – a full time job
I work in advertising as a normal day job, and Ratemybeard was supposed to be a hobby project on the side, tho it has taken up so much time it feels like a second job, unfortunately I still don’t make a dime on it, haha. But it’s all fun to me, I love the pictures you all submit, and the comments and the activity you bring. I run Ratemybeard on my own in every spare time I get, there’s tons of work, long and late hours, but it’s all worth it. I still plan on running Ratemybeard for years to come, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it grow even more together, because it’s for you I do this! I would also like to thank my wonderful fiancée for putting up with my late nights and work weekends to get the website full of content, I love you! :)

Monthly contest
I want to give a huge and special thanks to Mr Bear Family, they’ve been with me from the start, sponsoring prize packages to the monthly winners with the most votes. We started out as business acquaintances, but are now great friends. They truly are amazing people and I hold them very close to my heart. The monthly contest is a thing where you can upload a picture of your beard, and get your friends to vote for it. At the end of every month the votes are counted, and the beard picture with the most votes gets a awesome prize package.

Reviews & Giveaways
Another thank you goes out the all the brands who let me review their products and give away some of their stuff to all of you, you are amazing and I could not have done this without you. I urge you all to check out the Beard Stores page, and the Reviews page for links to the amazing brands that have made Ratemybeard what it is today.

The bearded community
Ah yes, the amazing community that is beards, I love it. The amount of new friends I’ve made thanks to Ratemybeard is fantastic, the events, the meetings, the beards, the everything. I’m so blessed to be able to be a part of this. The love and compassion found in the bearded community is so amazing and I love it. Special thanks goes out to Beardilizer and Beardshop.se that have helped me along the way and still stand by my side, supporting me, I’m so grateful, thank you so much! I”m sorry if I forgot someone, but it’s pretty emotional writing this, seeing how far I’ve come, and will go. Thank you all, I love you!

Before I make this into a 500 page book, I’d like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart, these two years have been fantastic, let’s make it at least another 2 years together. :)

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