3 steps on how to grow a beard!

3 steps how to grow a beard!

Follow these 3 easy steps and you might achieve a beard bigger then most peoples cars, a beard worthy of worship, a beard big enough to get anyone to their knees.

There are 2 things you need to possess before starting this journey. 2 things that will help you grow a beard, and at the same time succeed in life. Because growing a beard is pretty similar to making a successful life. The 2 things you need are:

Dedication & patience

Why? Well, growing a beard doesn’t happen overnight, whether you eat supplements or not. It takes time. Expect at least 2 months of growing before seeing any kind of full beard resemblance, specially if you’re growth is patchy and irregular. Over time those patches will fill in/over and you will start to like it. And the itching, the itching is a beard growing beginners worst enemy, we have all heard it, how people shave because it itches! So what, a little itch is easily managed with oils, balms and moisturizers. A beard itch also stops after a few days, even if you don’t use products.

A beard itch, a patchy beard and the lack of dedication is no reason to stop growing a beard. All you need to do is: Man up and take care of that young beard of yours, and do follow these 5 steps to achieve what you really want, a huge freaking beard!

beardporn1. A healthy lifestyle!
There’s no secret that if you live a healthy lifestyle, you feel good. The same goes for your body, and your beard. If you don’t take care of yourself, why should your body take care of your beard? Start with eating healthy, try to life as stress free as you can. Stress is really bad for your body, but also for your beard and hair growth.

Stress is know to cause hair loss and that’s NOT what you want when trying to grow a really big mane. And that includes taking care of your baby beard, stroke it, comb it, brush it. Spoil your beard and it will than you in the long run!

2. Never ever give up!
This goes hand in hand with dedication and patience, because this is maybe the hardest one of them all. Never give up. How hard it gets, how ugly it looks, how itchy it is and have weird it looks, hang in there. Before you know it you will be left with a healthy looking face fuzz that will make your fellow men jealous. Just DON’T GIVE UP! It will get better. And if the itching gets out of hand, do invest in some beard oils, some beard balms or even some nice shampoo from the grocery store. It will help! Also, dump your razors, let your bad boy grow!

3. Vitamins, vitamins and vitamins!vitaminer
Did you know that some vitamins and minerals are directly linked to hair growth? Some vitamins are said to help increase your beard growth and make it stronger, longer and thicker. One example is Biotin, which is available at most health stores. But there are also beard growth supplements, I’ve tried them, and I have to say, I did notice a difference. My moustache got hell of a lot longer and it’s a beast now compared to before. I also feel that my beard is thicker.

The beard growth supplement I tried was Beardilizer, and you can get some here! And remember to use the discount code “Sven” at checkout and you’ll get 10% off your order!

So, follow these easy, yet challenging, steps and hopefully you’ll grow the beard of your dreams. Just hang in there and do not succumb to peer pleasure or bullying from family and friends. You will look stunning in your new beard, and be proud. Do you agree with these 3 fundamentals of beard growth?

And remember, just because you have a beard, it doesn’t make you a man. A man is someone who stands up against oppression, against bullying. You believe in equal rights for everyone and that everyone is worth the same. You don’t judge people based on sex, religion or skin color. We are all here in this world and we all should try to get along and love each other. Together we can do amazing things and together we can make the world a better place!

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