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My name is Andreas and I started in October of 2013, mostly because I love my beard, and I love the fact that other people grow beards and that there are so many variations of beards. They come in all different sizes, colors and styles, and thats really fascinating. Starting this site was for me a hobby project and something to fill my spare time with, you know that time during work when you have absolutely nothing to do, or during your 1 hour lunch break and you finished eating after 15 minutes. Or the few minutes when you wait for your girlfriend/boyfriend to get ready, wake up and/or doing something else.

Also because I want to leave a mark, I want to be remembered for something. A few years ago I was informed that I got something wrong with my heart, a condition that can cause instant heart failure, a condition that took my fathers life in his sleep 7 years ago (2008). And his father before him, and his father before him. All around the age of 50. I’m 32 now (2015), and in some way I feel that 20 years may pass in a heartbeat (pun intended) and It’s my time. It may sound melodramatic, and I know the technology gets better, and the doctors have me under surveillance. But I still can’t shake the fact that I might hit my mark at 50. So why not do something I enjoy. And let other enjoy it too. The beard culture have always been here, but in the recent years grown in great proportions.

I don’t make money, other then a few cents each every other day on some shady adsense ads. I’m NOT in it for the money. I want people to connect, the meet, to enjoy each other and be friends. Life’s to short to be an asshole, to be grumpy, to not care, to not grow a beard.

This is why I would love it if you could share the link to your friends, post it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. Who knows, IF i start making a few bucks, I promise I will use it for more contests and prizes. I’m a very giving person!

Anyway, has since I started it grown fast, faster then my beard. At the time there are about 6000 beard pictures uploaded. Some have been uploaded by yourself, some have been sent to me for upload, some of them have been uploaded by your friends or fans. have been featured in some smaller local newspapers in Sweden and gotten  a bit of notice. Mr Bear Family – A swedish beard grooming company sponsors every month winner with some of their products. I have gotten a lot of new friends. And I have seen some magnificent beard that leave me in aw. I even got my girlfriend, who when we met didn’t like beards at all, to look at uploaded pictures and include her in whats going on with the site.

I’m not trying to be the only site about beards, I think the internet is big enough for all of us, and I’d love to promote your beard site, products and/or brand. And if you upload a picture, you can link to your Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever in the description box. Who knows, it might yield more followers for you.

Got questions? Use the contact form to contact us about anything, for example:
“A picture of me is uploaded without my consent”

Not problem, I’ll remove it!
Just send me the link to your photo!

So, I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, so I’ll better stop now! :)
Go enjoy some great and magnificent beards!

If you feel like you want to contribute, I do have a Spreadshirt store where I sell t-shirts. All those proceeds go towards keeping Ratemybeard going with giveaways, reviews and of course BEARDS! Here’s a link to the store. Ratemybeard Merchandise!

Best Regards
Andreas – creator of Ratemybeard

Check out – my personal website and blog where you can follow my daily life and what I do!

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#beardheartYes, I feel like this page need a little back story about #Heartbeard before I continue, so here’s the deal!

A few years ago I was informed that I got something wrong with my heart, a condition that can cause instant heart failure, a condition that took my fathers life in his sleep 9 years ago (2008). And his father before him, and his father before him. All around the age of 50. It’s called dilated cardiomyopathy.

I’m 34 now (2017), and in some way I feel that 20 years may pass in a heartbeat. And who’s to say that it won’t happen earlier either. I will try to do as much as I can to stay alive, for myself, my family and friends, and most of all my lovely girlfriend, who I plan on spending many more years to come with.

I created the Heartbeard icon and #Heartbeard hashtag as a way to fight heart disease. I will donate every commission earned selling the Heartbeard shirt’s and everything else heartbeard to the Heart-Lung Foundation – to help end heart disease once and for all!

You can chose to buy a t-shirt through the Teespring link below. The money will be donated to the HeartLung Foundation. I will post the certificate of donation every time a donation is made! Let me know if you have any questions, and if you want to know more about me, please read the ABOUT page!

I run a Heartbeard t-shirt campaign on Teespring and the commission made if goal is reached will be donated to the Heart-Lung Foundation.

Click here to see the #heartbeard t-shirts!



Wrestling Andy supports #Heartbeard
Wrestling Andy supports #Heartbeard

This is me, sporting the old #heartbeard shirt!


Welcome to Ratemybeard’s PRESS page. This is where you find information on how to use
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Below your will find a PRESS START KIT, which contain the logo as well as some guidelines, some pre-created banners for your website.

You will also find an ever growing gallery or places have been mentioned, like other websites, magazines or newspapers. Be sure to check back now and then as that gallery tends to update regularly.

If you have ANY questions at all about the guidelines, the logos or other press inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me on admin(a) and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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I and Ratemybeard was featured in a Swedish newspaper in 2014, where they wrote about the website, about me and the whole beard thing.

I was asked to be transformed into Santa Claus for a article in a Swedish newspaper in 2013. And above are the results!


I wrote a column in a Swedish newspaper in 2012, when my beard was still tiny, about and my old website, and how new it was and how I still back then held giveaways and donated to charity.


I was at a Cap&Design event as a Ratemybeard representative and ended up on their website!!