How you apply beard balm

How to apply beard balm

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Maybe not the best way to do it! But this is how I apply beard balm!

First I take some balm and warm it up in the palm of my hands. Then is gently massage it in my beard, getting it all the way down to the skin, Then I use a regular brush and brush it thoroughly. The balm also give some minor styling possibilities. If you never tried any beard balm of some sort, I strongly recommend you to do it, it’s great.

Applying beard balm is not hard at all, all you need is the warmth of your hands and some rubbing, The balm melts from your body heat, so make sure your hands are warm. If not, run them in some hot water and dry them off, the balm melts much easier then. If your hands are cold, the balm wont melt as easy, and may leave lumps and/or white unmelted balm streaks in your beard.

It’s important to take care of your beard and make sure it’s healthy. A healthy beard is your best friends and it can make your morning routine much easier. Cutting some extra minutes in the morning makes more time for coffee or spending time with loved ones or getting ready for work.

It makes my beard so much more touch friendly, I love it. I use beard balm from Mr Bear Family – it’s a hard wax which sits great in your beard. This video is a couple of years old, and are showing the old Mr Bear Family beard balm, the new ones have updated packaging, but the same great ingredients! They come in 3 different scents, as oils, shampoo, wax and balm!

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