Beard bacteria? Swedish professor say clean shaven are filthy

No, beards aren’t filthy and filled with beard bacteria!

The last few days there’s been lots of talks about the article published on KOAT. Where they let microbiologist John Golobic test volunteering beards for bacteria and micro organisms. John came to the conclusion that a beard is more filthy then a toilet, and that beards contain air born fecal matter… you know… poop!

A LOT of people, mostly beard haters, shared that article all over the internet and it went viral. No wonder, the beard industry is huge and of course we would like to defend ourselves. I for one, must have one of the cleanest beards around. I wash it thoroughly every day, I use beard oils and/or beard balms daily along with brushing it with a high quality bristle boar brush. My beard is crazy soft, if smells fantastic and it’s more then clean.

There, I got to defend myself.

Please DO read my rant about the shaving industry and their spreading of false beard rumors!

Next up: Agnes Wold

Agnes Wold thinks the latest headlines are nonsense. Photo by Christina Blom
Agnes Wold thinks the latest headlines are nonsense. Photo by Christina Blom

Agnes Wold is a Swedish professor specialized in clinical bacteriology. She says to “Swedish Metro” that John Golobic’s test is outrageous and wrong. And remember, John Golobic is a micro biologist!

– A bearded person have less bacteria in their face then a clean shaven one, that is know. Because when you shave, you get these tiny holes in your skin, which leaks blood plasma. That blood plasma feed bacteria nutrients and make them grow, says Anges.

In his study, John Golobic, said that some beards contained more bacteria then a toilet, and fecal matter. That’s nonsense, thinks Agnes.

– Of course there’s gonna be more bacteria in a beard then a toilet bowl. You hardly fins any bacteria at all in a toilet bowl. You should know that as a micro biologist, says Agnes.

Swedish Metro went on to ask Agnes Wold if a comparison to a toilet was bad, and that you shouldn’t do it?

– No, there are hardly any bacteria in a toilet compared to our skin, hair and saliva. A few grains of saliva contains about one million bacteria. You will have a hard time finding that in a toilet, even if you swab the whole bathroom floor, says Agnes Wold.

Agnes thinks that headlines about bacteria is often blown up too big.

– I don’t think that there’s any danger in having skin bacteria, Agnes Wold ends.

Article found on and is written in Swedish by Johan Wikén.

Well, there you have it folks. The whole thing if just blown out of proportions by a professor that don’t know fundamental micro biology. Good thing that the Swedish professor Agnes Wold could shine a light on the matter. And in conclusion. Yes, beards AND hair, AND skin, AND your body contain bacteria, but not bad bacteria. And a toilet doesn’t contain that much bacteria. Just because the fact that they cannot survive on a porcelain bowl!

And of course, keep your hands clean. Everything stuck to you hands, will get in your beard. But that goes without saying, thats something we learned as children. Wash you hands and stay clean.

Help me spread this word, link this post to all your beard hating friends, and let them know, that they and just as like, if not more, bacteria ridden with their clean shaven woman cheeks. Also, do comment below on what you think!

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