Then and now!

Beard – before and after

One thing we bearded men, I think, all can relate to. Is the recurring questions “Why don’t you shave?”, “Why do you grow your beard?” etc. I think there is a good reason behind every facial fuzz, not only the fact that a beard makes you look more manly, smarter, more classy, but also, at least in my case, there is an underlying factor. I look like a god damn baby when I’m clean shaven. And yes, the picture to the left is me… at age 16 tho.

2 years ago I did the forbidden, the “don’t feed the Gremlings after midnight” and “don’t let them get wet”… I shaved my pride and joy. I didn’t just trim it, cut it or style it, I shaved it all off with a razor. Beside the fact that I almost fell into a depression by doing it, I looked like I was 16 years old. I don’t have a picture because I felt so embarrassed and didn’t show anyone I shaved. I had a scarf round my chin for a month until something looking like a beard had grown out.

In the beardless picture below I was 16 years old, and that’s basically how I looked when i shaved. It was horrible. Going from having the regular “Ooh, look at his beard” stares on the street, to not being noticed at all. It was strange and uncomfortable to me.

Tho one good thing came from shaving, and it was that I let it all grow like never before, before i cut it on the sides and had some kind of full beard goatee.

Do you have some “Then and now” pictures you want to share? Mail them to and tell me about the pictures and I’ll publish em here on the blog section.

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