Beard & body hair

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted a big beard, one thing I was “afraid” of, was getting really really hairy all over my body, like gorilla hairy. Not that it would bother me that much, but it was something i thought about when I was younger.

The picture in this post might not be the best one to show off my chest, because it was right after I got my chestpiece started.

Now when I’m in my 30’s and have that big and fluffy full beard I sometimes wonder if I’m different then other men. Sure, I have hairy arms, legs etc. But have no hair whatsoever on my chest or back (which might be a good thing i guess). But is this normal?

I have never shaved my chest, just because I have never needed to, my chest is soft like a baby. Is this normal?

How is your beard & body hair ratio, are you hairy all over or is it concentrated to your chin, head, arms/legs?

Originally posted 2013-12-10 13:29:49.

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