Beard stores you need to know about.

As you may have noticed, there’s are a lot of stores selling beard related products like oils, balms, waxes, clothes etc. This page is sort of a list showing the best there is. Feel free to submit your own store by sending an e-mail with a short description, category your products fall under and links to If you have Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, submit that to, there aren’t such thing as too much information!

Beard oils / balms / waxes / grooming:

Mr Bear Family Swedish company based in Gothenburg, makes great scented beard oils, beard balms and moustache waxes. A must have for the bearded gentleman! Hurry up to furry up!  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter – Swedish grooming store with an amazing stock of grooming products, oils, balms and everything else. They also have the Grooming Magazine for the stylish gentleman!  BeardBlog | Facebook | Twitter 

BeardShop – Polish Muliti-beard-brand online store with beard oils, balms, waxes and everything you’ll ever need. And merchandising stuff like T-shirts, cups, brass combs etc. Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest 

BEARd Oil – BEARd Oil is a mixture of all natural oils that help nourish and tame your unruly beard.  Choose from the original Unscented formula for those who just want to feed their beard what it craves, or try one of the lightly scented formulas – Tea Tree, Sandalwood and Leather. Facebook | Twitter 

Texas Beard Company – All Natural Beard Care Products. Man Made in Texas. We currently sell beard oil and beard balm. In the very near future we will be selling Beard and Mustache Wax. Facebook | Twitter 

Whiskey, Ink, & Lace – A collection of all natural, health-conscious bath & body goods with rustic & eccentric flair that will treat your everyday life to a li’l handcrafted lovin’. Products are created with sustainable ingredients and no chemicals.  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

Beard Buddy – Beard Buddy was formed in 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Founders/buddies Nathan and Gareth wanted to create hand crafted products specifically for beards by beards. Built on the appreciation of good design and a good sense of humor, Beard Buddy is the destination for your face farming needs. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr

Stately Beard Co – Maker of high quality beard goods! We proudly sell handmade, high-quality beard oils and balms. Our products are made from the best waxes, butters and oils available. Treat your beard right! Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

Big Red Beard Combs – Makers of finely crafted wooden Beard Combs. Stay groomed gentlemen. Tame your beard in style with a comb from Big Red. Throw out the plastic, ditch the static, and feel the difference with our all wooden Beard Combs. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

Sares Naturals – All Things Natural. Operating out of New York Sares Naturals offers a great selection of mens grooming products.  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

Beardbase Taking your beard from furry to ferocious with our natural, hand made, British beard oil. Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

Beardlymen – offer a variety of products, tips and tricks, and basic grooming information on beards. The moustache has become mainstream but the beard has remained in the shadows; our goal is to change that! Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Clothes and apparel:

RateMyBeard on RedBubble – Buy your apparel to show love and support for the site. Got suggestion for designs? Submit them to 

Beard Circus – Maker of high quality beard goods! We proudly sell handmade, high-quality beard oils and balms. Our products are made from the best waxes, butters and oils available. Treat your beard right! Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Beard Apparel – A unique apparel brand born in New Orleans and raised in Los Angeles. Limited shirt release will occur ONCE every three months. We will release ONE design, ONE time, and that is all.  Instagram | Twitter 

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