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Get your own piece of Beard History!

You can now get your own piece of beard history. I’ve heard both nice and horrible things about the origins of this coin. But all in all, let’s have fun! The thing is, I like my Beard Token so much I decided to purchase a few more and give away to you, my amazing followers, readers, beard lovers and beards. And all you have to do is like Ratemybeard on Facebook, Tweet a short message and follow Ratemybeard on Twitter.

Beard Token
Beard Token

What’s a Beard Token?
Well, I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago, here’s a short excerpt:

This little piece of metal is for me, a very interesting piece of history, it is said that Emperor Peter I of Russia first introduced this coin when he tried to, putting it nicely, get rid of beards and get the european fashion to Russia. How cool isn’t this coin? I would gladly pay the tax in present time, if it were for a good cause… Or wait… I just paid the beard tax when I bought this coin, guess I’m in the clear then.

Here’s a link to the whole post with more information!

There’s 3 prizes, 3 Beard Tokens to be exact. So 3 people will be able to win 1 coin each. There’s no cost for you, I will pay for the shipping and handling. You just sit back and relax, or well, not relax, you have to spread the word for those extra entries.

How do I enter?
Below, there’s a Rafflecopter widget with 4 different options. Like Ratemybeard on Facebook, Follow Ratemybeard on Twitter, Tweet a pre-written tweet & Comment on blog post. You just do one of those to enter. Or you do them all and get 4 entries.

When does the giveaway end?
It ends on October 31st, it’s a Saturday I think. And some time during that day. (Controlled by the widget)

How is a winner chosen?
A winner is chosen automatically by the Rafflecopter widget, and I will personally contact the winner.

Don’t have Facebook or Twitter?
No problem, just use the “Comment on post”-option

And of course, you can do all entries for extra points. There’s also extra points for using the “Tweet message” entry once each day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you!
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