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So, the time has come… again! Christmas! Given that there are a week left until Christmas eve, I’d like to take to opportunity to thank all of you who have made this site possible. All of you who uploaded pictures of your magnificent beards, all of you have uploaded pictures of your significant others, your friends and all of you who have voted, commented, shared, liked, followed… Well, all of you deserve the best.

I’d also like to thank Mr Bear Family for wanting to be a part of and gives away beard care products each month to the beard with the highest vote on this site. Being able to give something back makes it all much more fun.

I’d still be around, maintaining the site, talking to you on Twitter etc just like before. Tho with the holidays approaching I won’t have as much time, but I’ll do my best. Thats why I hope we can start 2014 as the best beard year ever. And remember, there are no limit on how many pictures you can upload. Just make sure your friends vote for your pictures.

If you’re having trouble uploading your picture, you can just tweet me pictures at @ratemybeard or tag me in one of your pictures on Instagram, I’m still using my private account for Instagram, so just tag @freeradical666.

Mailing me a picture is also ok, just send it to

So, once again, thank you very much. Here’s a card I made for you, with me as a Santa of course! :)

And remember – Grow BIG or go home!

Originally posted 2013-12-17 11:59:39.

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