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Ratemybeard’s top rated beard, and therefor the winner in November 2013 were none other then @Vinterchaos. Congratulations! I was a little bit slow writing this post due to the holidays etc, but I know for a fact that Vinterchaos has received his promised products from Mr Bear Family. I also took some time to ask him some questions. A new post with Decembers winner, @DomNadeau will be posted any day now! asked Vinterchaos some questions!

Q: For how long have you grown/had a beard?
A:  This particular beard is 3 months old (in the picture), heading towards 4 now.
Q: What does the beard mean to you? (Would you shave for a beer etc?)
A:  I’ve had facial hair since I was 12 or 13, shaving sucks and I look way more badass with a beard then without. My wife hates facial hair though, so it lasts until she sends me to the couch.
Q: Do you get much attention thanks to your beard?
A:  It has been getting me some attention as of late, and it did last year when it was a bunch more months older then this one. I’m glad November is over though and the “are you growing it for Movember” questions are over. This year the Boston Red Sox also were rallied together by beard growing, so there was a lot of assuming that was the reason for the growth originally.
Q: Do you use any beard products?
A: The only thing I’ve been using so far is Wild Man Beard Cream by Wild Rose Herb, it is the first product I’ve tried, seems to be pretty good and it has a forest (pine tree) type of sent to it.
Q: Anything you want the world to know? (Motivational quote, “Braveheart speech”, “F—- the world” etc)
A:  Keep growing your beards! Shout out to my friends South Coast Beard & Mustache Guild ( ) and check out my photography if your into that sort of thing
“Thanks and Mr Bear Family! – Josh a.k.a @Vinterchaos”
Want to win products from Mr Bear Family? Check out their website and/or upload a beard picture here and get your friends to vote for you. The highest rated beard each month wins awesome products that will take your beard to the next level! Upload your beard here!

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