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The Great British Beard Off

There’s a lot of charities out there, people raising money for all kinds of good causes. One of these that I came across was  The Great British Beard Off, two men growing beards and raising money for Cancer Research UK. Great initiative! So, instead of babbling on and telling you how good this is I’m just gonna link you to the site and hopefully you’ll find it in your beards (or hearts) to contribute with a small donation! :)

Here’s a short description of their Just giving page:

“A simple bet between friends has now gave us an idea to raise some money for cancer research.
The bet was that the first person to shave had to buy the other dinner and drinks. After we realized no one was gona give up we thought it would be good way to raise money.”

And if you want to visit their Just Giving page, here’s the link!!!!

(If you have a fundraiser of your own, or a page you want to get promoted, send me an email to submit@ratemybeard.se and I’ll write you up if I think it’s worthy”

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