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When I started this site on October 29 2013 I did not think it would grow (pun intended) in to something this awesome! Not only the amount of beards uploaded, 148 at the moment, but all the new acquaintances and friends I’ve gotten. The doors that have opened. All because beards! It is something for the books!

Things that have happened in the past month:
• I became a Mr Bear Family Extraordinaire
• Mr Bear Family in collaboration with Ratemybeard gives away 1 Beard Brew & 1 Moustasch Wax every month!
• I became a Inglorious Bearded Bastard – BGML!
• I got to be a part of a remake/photoshoot!
• I got portrayed in a lifestyle/outdoor magazine beside great bearded celeberties!

And that’s just in a month. Pictures from the photoshoot and magazine will be posted when they get published.

I also got some suggestions, feedback and error reports during this month. One suggestion was that I should make this page in to a social site, kinda like Facebook. I like the idea, but at the same time, there IS Facebook. Tho I might implement some sort of social thingy, maybe implement some sort of profile page with short info and all your uploaded pictures. It could be pretty nice.

I changed the frontend uploader plugin to something I think will work better. At least it seems to be working better.

I also, when I have time, clean up the page now and then. Add and remove features etc. So if you have any suggestions, tell me!

If you need help uploading pictures, have problems voting, just wanna talk, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can use the contact form, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and just write whatever you want.

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