Bearded Villains mistaken for terrorists

So, as you’ve probably read all over the internet today, our flag photo shoot had a little twist in it.

Last Saturday we went to Braehus, a old castle ruin in Sweden, for our Bearded Villains flag photo. An hour into the shoot, the cops show up, because someone called them telling that there were 30 terrorists waving the ISIS flag at the ruins.

Bearded Villains flag photo
Jason Mellström och Studio Mellström

We got there early in the morning, setting up and getting to know each other. Many of us met for the first time, but it felt like we’ve known each other for years. We laughed, we hugged and we had a blast. We posed for photos with a professional photographer named Jason, awesome guy.

We all had dressed in formalwear, looking our best for the photos, but all of the sudden two cops show up, looking at us and start smiling. After we break formation we walked up to them and asked if we were in the way, or if we couldn’t be there anymore. They laughed and told us that someone had called the cops on us, because they drove past on the highway and saw, what they thought resembled the ISIS flag. The cops had to respond to the call of course, but we sorted it out and they left, with a smile on their faces.

It’s sad to be mistaken for ISIS, but also good to get the word out about Bearded Villains, get a chance to tell the true story, about how we do good things, stand up to injustice and bullying, to racism and homophobia. A way to bring light to the brotherhood that is Bearded Villains. So if you want to know more about Bearded Villains, please visit the Swedish chapters website and Instagram, also check out the official Bearded Villains Instagram account. Also follow my personal profile if you like TheBeardBringer @ Instagram!

Have you ever been in the same situation?
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—- UPDATE —-

Here’s a picture of the police that showed up during our photo shoot.




Remember. The Hipster trend is dead, the real bearded men are the ones left, we! That’s why we call ourself bearded men and not hipsters!

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The Swedish and international media is writing about it and new articles are popping up all the time. Here’s some of them! Please comment if you see more!

Togs för terrorister på Brahehus!Set4KYMTGVfU6/

Will update this post with more links as they come!

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