Bearded Villains Sweden chapter meet in Stockholm

Bearded Villains Sweden chapter meet in Stockholm

On July 4th the villain brothers of the Bearded Villains Sweden chapter met up for a night out on the town in Stockholm, Sweden. We talked about the chapter and our past and future. We covered a lot of ground, but most importantly, many of us met in person for the first time and at least I, made some new friends. Friends I call my brothers, friends in beard, friends for life!

The attending villains were (on Instagram)

We started out at The Bagpipers Inn, a fitting location for a band of villains, and then we made our way over to The Stringfellows, another pub in Stockholm where we made a new acquaintance of a bearded brother by the name @scucca_omca – All in all it was a great night, a great day and a perfect villains meeting!

I wrote a post about Bearded Villains and the work we do a while back. Please check it out and if you have any questions, let me know! Together we stand strong, together we stand united, together we are Bearded Villains!!!

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to my Villain brothers for making it a great day and night!

Here’s a few pictures from the night with my Villain brothers!

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