BEARDED VILLAINS – Brotherhood of elite bearded men

Yes, you read that right. Bearded Villains!

Bearded Villains started in 2014 with the soul purpose of showcasing bearded men with character from all over the world, uniting people and standing up against injustice, bullying etc. A chance for us bearded men to get noticed by others, a chance for us bearded men to feel even more appreciated. Also, a chance for beard lovers around the world to experience the crop of the crop of the bearded society, the chance to look at some magnificent, powerful and amazing beards. Because that’s what it’s all about… Uniting beards!

Read my guide on how to become a Bearded Villains Prospect!

Bearded Villains write on their website:
We are a brotherhood of elite bearded men from all over the world.
Our Brotherhood is about Respect, Loyalty to the club and support among our own fellow Bearded Villains.

And that’s exactly what I think the bearded community is about. Love, respect and humanity. A place for us to bond with each other, to make new friends and to compliment each other. That’s what Ratemybeard is about as well. The name might suggest it’s only about judging beards, but far from it. Besides reviews, giveaways and beards there is a sense of compassion, brotherhood and connecting to people. A chance for us to experience the wonderful world of beards and together strive against making the world a even better place to live.

Bearded Villains Prospect PatchA few months ago I got a message from Bearded Villains, on my personal Instagram account – Freeradical666 – a message I had been wanting for long, a message I wanted so bad. It was a badge, a badge of honor, a badge of acceptance and a badge of beardhood. I was finally a Bearded Villains prospect. Truly a great honor and a testament to the fact that I’m special, and yes, that’s what Bearded Villains made me feel, special. I thank you for that! UPDATE – As of now I am a full blown Bearded Villains MEMBER – Thank you all for your support!

I have this belief that that we, the bearded community, can unite in a wonderful symbiosis of mutual respect and love for everyone. A Understanding of others and that we all are different, a utopia if you will, where everyone get along and love each other. A perfect world is what we all should be striving to achieve and make happen!

You can also check out their official website where you can get some amazing shirts and apparel. And of course read more about the cause that is Bearded Villains. Click to visit

The least I can do is to spread the word about Bearded Villains and let all of you get the chance to experience the wonderful world of beards. Awhile back Bearded Villains opened up for local chapters around the world, and I’m gonna show them of and link to them below. Let me know if I forgot one. Or got one not sanctioned by the original Bearded Villains. Find your local chapter below!

Please let me know in the comments if I forgot any chapter!

If you are looking for information on Bearded Villains membership, becoming a prospect, member, scout etc, please look up your closest chapter below and contact them. They might point you in the right direction and help you become part of the huge and growing brotherhood that is Bearded Villains! Also, check out the official website of Bearded Villains SwedenRead my guide on how to become a Bearded Villains Prospect!

Bearded Villains Original

Bearded Villains Sweden


BV Northern California

BV Miami

BV New England

BV South Africa

BV New Mexico

BV Indiana

BV Netherlands

BV Benelux

BV Ohio

BV Utah

BV New York / New Jersey

BV Phoenix

BV Germany

BV Tennessee

BV Central Florida

BV Vancouver

BV Mississippi

BV Colorado

BV Louisiana

BV Ireland

BV Kuwait

BV Villains Brasil

BV Toronto

BV Denmark


If you want to get your location on the world map, do visit Bearded Villains Brothers Map !
They post your location on a special edition google map, with your screen name, city and chapter! Pretty neat!

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