Beardilizer – does it really work? DAY 1


BeardilizerWell, I’m here to find out!

I got ahold of a couple of Beardilizer products – The dietary supplement pills, the cream and the spray. All available for purchase at They came in a very nice and neat packade and it even included a nifty hat :)

Before I continue, the awesome people at Beardilizer gave me a 10% discount code that you can use during checkout at if you want to order your own batch! If you find yourself at the checkout, please use the discount code “SVEN” to get 10% on your Beardilizer purchase!

First things first tho, WHAT IS BEARDILIZER?
Good question, according to their website it its a dietary supplement that can make your beard grow bigger & fuller. Here’s a copy+paste from their site answering the question, Why do you need Beardilizer?
Beardilizer is an all natural dietary supplement that boosts facial hair growth in order to achieve a fuller, stronger beard. Its formula nourishes the facial hair follicles from the inside, by delivering the right high quality nutrients, perfectly dosed to achieve the beard you’ve always wanted, while reducing itchy sensations. The formula will actively mimic the molecules endogenous function to activate the facial hair bulbs.”

You see, there you have it!
But wait, does it really work? 
According to their website it says that since its launch in 2013 in the USA, the success rate with users that had a patchy beard is close to 95%. Among ethnic groups with a low facial hair density, such as asians, the success rate is around 55%.

Then it has to work right? Well, maybe. I’m sure as hell is gonna test it. All of the products as well.

Bald spotThen why do I want to try it? 
Well, I, as probably many of you have a huge curiosity and a hunger for knowledge. For me, I NEED TO KNOW, does it work! Also, I have this bald spot just below my nose, separating my mustache in two, if Beardilizer works for me that would be great. Also, who the hell doesn’t want a bigger, fuller more awesome beard? :) Oh yeah. when I say “work for me”, I understand that every person is different and just because it worked for a guy named Rick, it’s not 100% it will work for me. Keep that in mind if you end up buying it!

Well okay then, let’s start with DAY 1

First impressions:
The cream smells good, really good, of Sandalwood, I like that. Same for the spray, a really nice scent. Then we have the pills, haha, I was not expecting that smell when I opened it. It does NOT smell like roses xD But then again, who cares, you’re supposed to swallow them, not suck on them!!!

I’ve taken the pills along with my breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your doing the intensive treatment, like I do, you’re supposed to take 3 pills, 3 times a day. So 9 pills a day. And there’s 90 of them in the jar, so this will last for 10 days. I also applied the cream AND the spray. Not really sure if I should apply both at the same time, but it can’t hurt…right?

The spray clearly warns that you should avoid eye contact, that didn’t help me tho, misguiding that first spray straight into my eye, haha. It’s okay tho, I washed my eye and I was good to go. It also says that you should feel a slight sensation of heat while the solution penetrates the skin – CHECK

I don’t know if it was the pills or the fact that I worked out this morning, but about 20 minutes after taking the pills I got sort of a sweat attack that lasted for 10 seconds. It’s probably nothing and just because of me working out no more then 1 hour ago, but I’m documenting everything!

The cream was easily applied as well, it was just like a beard balm with a nice refreshing scent. I really like the cream! Because I’m no fan of swallowing pills.

There you have it, that was my first day! No radical changes in mood, bodily and/or mind. But I’m really hoping to close that bald spot in my mustache ;) I’ll give you another update tomorrow with results, thoughts and emotions! In the meantime, check out Beardilizer FAQ on their website for more info. And please, do not hesitate to ask me questions about this product, I’ll try to answer the best I can. Ask in the comments below or send me a email at info(a) This is gonna be a fun 10 days! :)


Missed any other day? No problem!

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