Beardilizer – does it really work? DAY 10 + GIVEAWAY [OVER]


 Day 10 is here!!!

And you know what that means right? It means that this is my final evaluation of the Beardilizer Beard Growth supplement products I’ve been trying for the last 10 days. It’s been up and down, fun and a hassle but all in all, I would do it again.

Before I continue, the awesome people at Beardilizer gave me a 10% discount code that you can use during checkout at if you want to order your own batch! If you find yourself at the checkout, please use the discount code “SVEN” to get 10% on your Beardilizer purchase!

Im gonna start off with a before and after picture of my mustache.


Yes, I know, it’s not a miracle, it’s not a WOW transformation. But it shows, it really does show. And I have to tell you, it does show more IRL for me since I’ve sen my mustache every day for years. I SEE A DIFFERENCE! There have been some new mustache growth just below my nose, the bald spot is closing in and I think that if I continue to use the product, It will grow more!!!

But let’s start from the beginning. I’ve been trying these Beardilizer beard growth supplement pills, cream and spray for 10 days. 10 days is the recommended full on intensive super treatment plan. You can space it out by taking 3 pills a day for a month, but the 10 day’er is 9 pills each day.

The cream is a moisturizing cream that gives your beard a nice texture, a fuller feel and a nice glow. Kinda  like a beard oil/balm but shocked full with Vitamins that’s great for your beard and beard growth.

The spray is the product that I liked the least, but also felt like worked the best. I did not like it because it gave my very red skin, a burning sensation that really hurt and made me feel sick. And while applying the spray the air got polluted and I started to cough, but that might be individual. It’s also full of vitamins that great for your beard.

I’ve been taking the pills regurarly at breakfast, lunch and dinner every day while only using the cream in the mornings and the spray at night. Just after 2 days taking the pills I started noticing how much more energy I got, much happier and not as tired as I usually are, and I guess thats the vitamins talking. I think that’s a great thing in it’s self. Because who doesnt want to feel better.

As I wrote earlier I do see more mustache hair, and to try it out I asked my girlfriend if she saw any difference today, and her answer was pretty clear and kinda helped me realize that I wasn’t crazy. Her exact word were: “Oh my god, you got a mustasche, or you always had a mustache, but in the middle, under your nose“… There you have it!

Beardilizer beard growth supplement after pictureWhat about the rest of my beard?
Yes, the beard have gotten bigger, fuller and sturdier. I had a lot of split ends before stating the treatment, now not so much! To be honest I can’t see even one split hair. It also feel like it’s BIGGER, not longer, but bigger. And on the side of my face, on my cheeks there’s been a lot of new hair.

I used to have this kind of fuzz, a few hairs here and there on my cheeks, now it feels like there’s much more. More fuzzy and thicker growing. It’s hard to explain, but i do feel like I have a fluffier beard :)

I think thats enough, and that it’s time for a final evaluation and thoughts. The question everyone want to hear is:


My short answer is YES!

My longer answer is: Yes, it worked for ME!
The ME-part is pretty important here I think, because beard growth is, just as hair growth, very individual. It might even work miracles on some of you, work so-so for me and not work at all for some of you others. But you never know before you try I guess.

Would I recommend it?
Hell yes, it’s a great product. Vitamins are always good and the product clearly works on some levels! So YES, buy it, use it and GROW A F*****G BEARD!

I have seen new beard, I have felt more beard, I feel beardier, my beard smells great all the time thanks to the sandalwood cream. I’m starting to grow a mustache under my nose, where I did NOT have any hair before I started.

So, what now?
I’m gonna continue taking the pills, but cutting down to only 3 a day, and I’m gonna continue using the cream and spray every day until it runs out, and you know what! I might write an update in a month. How about that. Beardilizer, does it work, DAY 35. ;)


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Woop, I wonder how many will miss out on this just because they didn’t bother to read my whole rant?! ;)

Beardilizer pills

Just because I know a lot of you have been very interested in these products and my 10 day review, I’m gonna give one lucky commenter a bottle of Beardilizer Beard Growth Supplement pills. All you have to do is share this post, wether it’s on Facebook, G+, Twitter, word-of-mouth, Instagram etc doesnt matter. And then comment in the comments below. “I wanna win and I shared”

Wasn’t that easy?! The contest will end on October 31st 2014! I will choose a lucky winner from the comments and contact you for your postal details and what not. So get on sharing and/or tell your friends to share and comment for you!

Also, don’t forget that if you want to order you some products of your own, visit to purchase the Pills, Cream and/or Spray. DO NOT FORGET to use the discount code“SVEN” to get 10% on your Beardilizer purchase when you’re at the checkout!

If you have any experience of any Beardilizer product, please tell me in the comments what you thought and if it worked for you!

Missed any other day? No problem!

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