Beardilizer – does it really work? DAY 4


I’m kind of panicking… 

Yes, I’m feeling very uncomfortable right now. I used a little bit too much of the Beardilizer spray and it’s burning… It’s burning a lot, my cheeks are burning. I had something like this a few days ago as well, but not as much. I’m also showing signs of redness on my cheeks, I don’t know if I may be overly sensitive to something in the spray.

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Hopefully it will go away soon, and that nothing bad happens. It do say on the spray that it can give you a warm sensation after applying it. I wouldn’t call this warm tho, more like molten lava kind of burning. I even found it hard to breath after applying it under my nose, and I started to cough pretty heard, feeling light headed.

Beardilizer Beard Growth SupplementThe spray contains a lot of stuff and I suspect that there is something in the spray that causes the burning, and tha I may be more sensitive to it then others. But then again, maybe it’s supposed to feel like this?!

Is this a sign that it’s working? Is the burning penetrating my skin and making my beard grow? The questions are many, answers not so many at this time. I said when I started this that I will be completely honest about the results and my feelings and experiences along the way, and I’m sticking to it. A burning sensation like this is not nice, but at the same time, plastic surgery, getting a piercing or a tattoo isn’t that nice either, but you’ll look good (hopefully!)! So maybe it’s supposed to feel this way?

If any of you tried the spray, please tell me if you felt this very uncomfortable feeling as well. I’m almost liking the pills more, even with the taste of a thousand garbage cans and butt!!! Haha. I also heard that when presenting the jar of pills to people to take a sniff, that they smell like for example: Mustard, Garlic, Spices, Feet, Old vegetable stock and farts. :)

Now, as I write, the burning have subsided and gone away, and I feel great again, I guess that that was supposed to happen?! I don’t feel any burning anymore, and it’s been like 15 minutes since the application. And no redness is left either. Tho it was a bit scary when it happened.

If it doesnt get better in the next few days, I think I have to stick with the pills and cream only.

If you have any experience of using this spray or any other Beardilizer product, please tell me in the comments what you thought and if it worked for you!

Missed any other day? No problem!

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