Beardilizer – does it really work? DAY 9


Tomorrow is DAY 10!!!

Finally, only one day left! It’s not that its hard or boring or anything, it’s just that I have a hard time filling my posts with good stuff. It feels like I covered most of the stuff and that DAY 10 is the mother post of all to look forward to.

Before I continue, the awesome people at Beardilizer gave me a 10% discount code that you can use during checkout at if you want to order your own batch! If you find yourself at the checkout, please use the discount code “SVEN” to get 10% on your Beardilizer purchase!

One thing you might want to know is, that the Beardilizer cream is great for if you have a itchy beard or skin. It moisturizes the beard and keeps in nice and tidy. It also have somewhat of a cooling effect on the skin, making the itch go away. II guess Day 9 is the most un eventful day yet, no radical change and no reactions worth mentioning.

Beardilizer SprayHere’s a description of the spray from the Beardilizer website!
“It’s a well-known fact nowadays that beards are hot! It’s not surprising to see why either. Whether a fellow chooses a hot stubble, a smart goatee, or the alluring and tough look of an extravagant full beard, facial hair adds character to a man’s face like nothing else.

Some men have sketchy facial hair. Certainly, that tiny bit on the tip of their chin is fine yet their cheeks are uncovered as an infant’s rump. What would you be able to do in such circumstances?

Stress not, as Beardilizer ® is here! This new formula is a natural continuation of Beardilizer ® worldwide successful dietary supplement. For those of you who have trouble swallowing and gulping pills, this instant formula spray is just the thing you need!As a topical external spray, it can either be the perfect addition to Beardilizer ® dietary treatment to turbocharge significantly more the facial hair development, or an independent solution for the individuals more comfortable with this fast and easy delivery system.

This professionally formulated skin and facial hair topical spray supports and enhances growth rapidly, providing the perfect nutrients and minerals combination to reach your goals.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected with the highest standards of quality in the cosmetical industry. Manufactured in our USA pharmaceutical grade laboratory, Beardilizer ® Topical Spray is really second to none, with its light sandalwood woody, yet manly scent: a one of a kind beard product.

Whether you are contemplating bearding from scratch or an already seasoned competitive bearder, use our safe and easy-to-use formula daily and grow the beard you’ve always wanted!”

If you have any experience of any Beardilizer product, please tell me in the comments what you thought and if it worked for you!

Missed any other day? No problem!

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