[TRANSLATED] “Beards are disgusting”


IMG_1596I just had to post this crap, today, in a Swedish newspaper called Aftonbladet. Some random lady wrote a column about beards and what she thinks of them. I can’t do anything but to think that she is wrong and a idiot!

It says:

Away with beards
– they are disgusting
Where have all the beautiful, clean shaven guys gone? How can a woman want to kiss a bearded guy, to get hair in the mouth is disgusting. Once upon a time there where regulations that guys should look neat and proper in the media. It seems like they can do as they please now, with beards down their chest. Just look at the Idol judges (Swedish Idol). I hope this “beard fashion” dissapears. We want clean shaven and nice smelling guys back.  – Astrid

So, who thinks Astrid is right? 

In the words of my girlfriend:
“She must be a lesbian if she wants to kiss a baby face, she should find a woman”

Haha, I love her to death! :) <3

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