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Santa Claus Photoshoot

This post about becoming Santa might be old and outdated, look around for more up to date guides.

A few weeks ago a reporter from my old hometown called me, he had been sitting with his colleagues one morning trying to come up with ideas for a Christmas themed article. One of the other reporters (whom I know) suggested that they should do a Santa makeover on someone, and that me, having a big beard, would be the best candidate for it. After telling me loosely how it would go down etc I accepted. Who doesn’t wanna become Santa? :)

The photoshoot demanded that I’d go home to my hometown over the weekend, it’s a 4 hours car drive, and I did. I was meeting the photographer at a hair salon where they would turn me into a Santa. It was 8 in the morning and I was tired as hell. Around 12 they were all done, they had cut my hair, trimmed the edges of my beard and colored it with white spray. It looked kinda good tbh.

I kinda got the feel for how I might look when older, but without the makeup. After the time in the hair salon we went out around the town, to different stores and places to take pictures. I had to wear a Santa hat and a big ass fur coat. I’m not kidding when I say that the coat weighed like a ton. And it was very warm!

Today (Saturday December 14th) it was published and it was pretty fun to see the results, I didn’t get to see it at all before publishing, which I was pretty nervous about.

You can see more on this link, it is in Swedish, but hopefully you’ll see the pictures at least! :)

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