Big Red Beard Combs leather wallet

Big Red Beard Combs did it again!

I have tried and reviewed Big Red Beard Combs beard oil, beard balm and comb No 9 before (Link here) and absolutely loved em. Big Red Beard Combs products have always made me feel special, taken care of and a bit luxurious. This product is no different, and this is a wallet…

3About a year ago my old wallet broke down completely, it didn’t even hold money anymore, what money?, and I bought a new one. But buying wallets isn’t just something you do without thinking, a lot of thought and care must go in to your decision. A wallet is something you probably gonna use for years to come….

That’s at least what I think now, after my latest wallet purchase, it was some plastic rubbery piece of crap from a Japanese store here in Stockholm, Sweden. It did however have the picture of 8-bit Nintendo controller on one side, which was nice. It also had buttons, which were supposed to make the wallet close and stay closed… they never worked.


Anyway, one day browsing Twitter I saw a tweet from Big Red Beard Combs where they promoted their handcrafted leather wallet, and it hit me, it hit me like a brick in the face, I must have it. The pictures on their website was beautiful, and it looked to be such high quality. I received it today, and I got to say, they did not lie. It’s a work of art, it’s so stunningly beautiful and well crafted that it almost brought a tear to my eye.

I’m a impulsive buyer, almost too impulsive. I tend to throw my (very) hard earned money on crap things, things that break after a month or two. Like my jeans, I buy them at H&M for about 30 USD. They break after 3 months….I bought shoes at a cheap store, they cost about 30 USD as well, and broke after 2 months… Ok, I’m drifting away again, the thing is, that this started out as a impulsive purchase, but now in hindsight, it was a damn good decision. I feel that this wallet will be a steady companion for years. I’m even thinking about buying another one as a gift, or a giveaway, let me know in the comments if you think I should do a Big Red Beard Combs wallet giveaway?!

The first thing I did when I got the wallet was to sort out what I really need from my old wallet. Receipts, old unused cards and coins had to go, but the important stuff got some new earned spots in the Big Red wallet. And even tho it only got 4 compartments, I don’t lack any room at all, I even found room for my Big Read Beard Comb No 9 in it. And a few measly Swedish kronor.

So, if you had the time and patience to read my long rant about how much I love this wallet from Big Red Beard Combs, I do urge you to at least check it out on their website, it’s so amazing and perfect, it fits me, my pocket and my needs perfectly. I also took some pictures myself of the wallet, just to show you that it’s perfect.

Visit Big Red Beard Combs:



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