Ricki Hall’s Booze and Baccy

By @herrsvartskaegg

⚔Ricki Hall’s Booze and Baccy Series⚔

by Captain Fawcett’s Limited

• The fragrance, a deep and manly fragrance. Old oxford furniture embraced by sweet tobacco leafs in a dim lighted bar, shelves upon shelves of sweet and spicy spirits hits my nose.. I see my grandfather in his prime before me.. A distinguished gentlemans scent.

• The beard oil, a soft and gentle texture, that goes into the beard like it knows its purpose in life. Leaves it soft and manageable.

• The beard balm, hard at first touch, but melts with ease when rubbing it between your palms. Easy to work into the beard, and gives a medium hold for those stray strands of beard that sometimes goes on their own adventures..

• The moustache wax, a perfect every day wax, mayhaps not for a whole night out and about at town or at sea. But when taking a hike and having a good time it does its trick!

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Check out Captain Fawcett’s website – Or if you live in Sweden, head on over to Beardshop.se

This review was written by @herrsvartskaegg – check him out on Instagram!


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