All My Friends Are Bearded – Marty Ray Project

You know those times when you browse social media and find a video that makes you smile, feel good and feel excited! That happened yesterday…

The Marty Ray Project teamed up with Beardilizer and Inherent Media to shoot a music video called All My Friends Are Bearded and its a parody cover of the song Heathens by Twenty One Pilots. The video is shot att Missouri State Penitentiary and it’s about the beardless guards trying to shave the bearded inmates.

Without spoiling too much, the video is amazing. The production value is great and Marty Ray’s voice is fantastic. The video is so funny, but at the same time serious and a really powerful song. I can’t stop listening to it and its truly one of the best songs and videos I have ever seen.

I have the greatest respect and really admire Marty Ray for being such a great artist and person. Magnificent beard and all. Also a shoutout goes to Beardilizer, Garey Faulkner and the other involved in the video, you are my heroes!

I’m gonna stop talking now, and let you watch All My Friends Are Bearded by the Marty Ray Project, enjoy!

Be sure to check out The Marty Ray Project on Facebook and watch the video in high quality!

Want to know more about Beardilizer, check out their website!

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