I’m still here….

… and I’m back, in a way!

halvaI don’t know if you’ve noticed the lack of new reviews and giveaways lately, also a lowered presence on social media over the last two months. I’m sorry for that, but I had to put Ratemybeard on auto pilot due to illness. I had plans to make January the best month of the year, with lots of new reviews, giveaways and of course BEARDS!

However, my plans kinda came to a halt about 1 week into 2015, I got the dreaded man flu!!! I usually vaccinate myself against it, because I’m in the risk zone with my heart and all. Tho this winter I totally forgot, got sick, sicker and sickest. I was bed written for almost 2 weeks due to the flu, and after that my heart took a beating and sent me to doctors, ER’s and specialists.

Well, I couldn’t, or I still can’t, hardly tie my shoes without loosing breath, getting fatigued etc. I constantly tired, I feel irritated, my body aches and it’s painful to just get up in the morning. First I thought it was because of the flu, so I didn’t think much of it, but 2 weeks after the flu ended I decided to visit some doctors. Tho I didn’t get much help, because my blood work looked amazing, I couldn’t possibly be sick… and here I was, fatigued, aching and in pain by just wearing my backpack.

I went to several doctors and they all said the same. Bummer right?!

I even went to the doctors in Poland, a completely different country, just to be sure I wasn’t crazy. Then last Friday I got to see my cardiologist, he took some readings of my heart etc. If you didn’t know I have a history of heart disease, but for my self and in my family. He said the same thing as always, my heart is bigger then normal and pumps blood at 45%, which is considered OK… 45% Ok? Ah well, I got some medicine that should reduce my high blood pressure, dilate my arteries and hopefully help my heart to get healthier.

I also visited a naprapathy office to hopefully get some pain relief in my body and back… it worked mildly, not even close of what I’d hoped for. So here I am, I’m still here! But I’m still in pain, I’m still easily fatigued and I’m still working hard to get up every morning and go to work! The only thing this brought is a hole in my wallet, seeing as doctors appointments aint free….

I have not forgotten about you, I just had a lot on my mind and shoulders, but I’m slowly getting back and I’ll try to do all those reviews, giveaways and beard related stuff in the upcoming weeks! Because I love you all and BEARDS ARE AMAZING!

Please share this with your friends to let them know that I’m still here, and I still got a BEARD! :)

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