The past and future of Ratemybeard

So, the last couple of weeks there have been some ups and downs with the site. And some of you might have seen that the address have changed from Ratemybeard.NET to Ratemybeard.SE, other then that, everything is the same. Apparently there were some malfunction with my other server and my hosting provider could not find any problems with it.

After weeks of troubleshooting, money dumping and hair pulling I decided to get the domain .SE as well, and have Ratemybeard.NET forward to .SE. The . NET address didn’t work. The upload didn’t work, nothing worked. But here on .SE it works like a charm.

So it’s now easy as pie to upload your own picture with the form in the sidebar to the right —>
Go ahead and upload a picture of your beard, tell your friends to upload and compete for some amazing and awesome beard product prizes from Mr Bear Family.

On another note, all this with the site have made a huuuge hole in my wallet, and on top of that I pay two rents for 3 months due to moving, getting a negative tax return of 4.500 dollars, yes, you read that right, I have to pay the government 4.500 dollar, FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED dollars. And it’s killing me. I hardly get by with my current salary and medical expenses, both private and with the site.

So if you feel that you have a few dollars left over and want to contribute to the continued life of Ratemybeard, feel free to use the Donation widget in the sidebar to the right —>

It would mean the world to me if you could help me out. And you will not only get a special place in my heart and mind, but also a special shout out here on the site. Got friends who like giving? Ask them to help me, got insight on different forums, groups that like giving, ask them if they like to help, because I’m running out of options soon.


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