Interview with Michael Legge

I had the pleasure of asking the one and only Michael Legge a few questions the other day, for those of you who don’t know who he is, you seriously need to follow him on Instagram and Facebook. He have one of the most amazing beards in this world!

Name: Michael legge
Age: 28
Lives: Rotherham (South Yorkshire)

Q: For how long have you grown/had a beard?
A: I have been growing my beard for nearly 4 years! My beard started as a bet between 3 friends, after 3/6 months the other guys dropped out, by this time I realized it grew pretty quick so I continued, I often get asked would I shave, the answer would be yes….for charity and it would have to be a considerable amount!

Q: Do you get much attention thanks to your beard?
A: Nights out have become crazy, people know my name and I’m having photos all night, the attention is obviously flattering. I’m just waiting for my first autograph lol!

Q: Do you use any beard products?
A: I do use oils and vitamins for a healthier beard, I use ‘areyoubearface‘ beard oils and beardilizer supplements. These guys are my sponsors!  
I have my face on a line of beer available in pubs very soon! Earlier on in the year I was approached by legendary photographer ‘Brock Elbank’ to be part of project60 a series of world class portraits from over the world, the book is available in March 2015 (tbc)

Q: What’s the most annoying thing people do to you or your beard?
A: I do find it annoying when people approach me grabbing or stroking my beard (God knows where their hands have been) I much prefer to be asked and don’t mind answering people’s questions.

Q: Have you competed with your beard? If so, did you win?
A: I have entered 12 competitions over my bearded life and won 1st place in 10 just recently winning the top spot at the british championships. I am to judge my first competition in March.

Q: Any final words?
Growing a beard has opened some exciting doors for me and believe everyone should try to grow a beard at least once in their life. Don’t be jealous of other people’s facial hair, love your own…..everyone is different

That’s it folk, I hope you enjoyed. Please visit and follow the amazing Michael now!



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