Are the shaving industry spreading false beard rumors?

Are they out to get us?

I wrote/translated a article about beard bacteria the other day. It was a result of the on-going witch hunt of bearded men, where our beards, supposedly, are full of poop. One of many witch hunts I’d say, every month there’s something new, a new study, a new trend statement or something else urging us to shave our proud manes, our magnificent beards. I mean, why would we shave just because the supposed “beard trend” is over? Who are those people in this trend? Either you’re a man with a beard, a sign of power… or you are a beardless man, trying to get by.

I do know that some people think it’s a trend. Or a costume party, where you dress up in flanell shirts, hats, glasses and semi long stubbelish beards and …. I don’t actually know what they do. I suppose they go about life as everyone else. And I do believe their called hipster. But here’s the kicker.

Is the modern hipster made by the shaving industry? hyvel

Think about it, a few years ago the trend got a foothold on the world, and tons of men started to growing their beards, buying old clothes and looking somewhat “poor” or out of date, but still taking care of themselves better then the normal person. What if… that modern hipster trend was started by the big shaving companies. A trend that would grow so big, that when it was over, they would reap the profits ten-fold.

Imagine a company like Gillette, they live on people shaving, they make their living on poor souls shaving away their manhood. Why wouldn’t they come up with an idea to start a trend? Sure, it would involve loosing a couple of dollars during the trend, at it’s peak. But imagine the profits when you anonymously pay for ads, pay writers, pay for viral campaigns and so on, telling everyone that the “BEARD TREND IS OVER, GO SHAVE”. Who would profit from that? Gillette? Of course, they would make millions on the people they herded and groomed over the years, those people who maybe not have that strong self esteem, and who follow trends blindly, to shave. And of course buy their razors, shaving cream and after shaves. That, to me, is  spreading false beard rumors!

Have you ever felt that you are fed lies after lies about the downside of have a beard?

I’m not saying the beard trend is a bad thing, I kind of love it in a way. It made beards more accepted and more people dared growing one. I’ve been bearded for the last 11-12 years and felt pretty unique, don’t get me wrong, I still do. I’m myself and got my own style that I feel comfortable in. But I do think the beard trend helped people define and grow with their beards. And It opened up the market to a whole new kind of product. Beard products like oils, balms, combs, creams, sprays and basically anything you can imagine, have sprouted like crazy these past years, and that’s a really great thing.

Media is selling the industries lies!

What if the media also profits on this, being paid to write about the beard trend, about the shaving industry on it’s knees due to the trend. What if they get paid to spread the lies, and then help to end the trend?! Just look at these articles:

The beard trend is over. It’s time to shave. – Business Insider
Beard trend goes a whisker too far as men told “it’s time to shave” – The Guardian
Your beard is killing the shaving industry – Washington Post
Beard-Loving Hipsters Give Razor Sales a Shave –

The media is literally telling us to STOP growing a beard, go buy razors and shave. Who profits? Well, the big companies like, for example, Gillette. They are now reaping the profits of a dying trend… or so they thought. What they didn’t really take into account is that sooooo many men, wether the followed the trend or not, grew so comfortable and empowered with their beards, that the trend was just a word, a memory and fading thing. The beard had become them, and they too, have become their beards.

The plan to reap profits on a false beard rumor by the industry is failing. Saying that a trend is over wasn’t enough, the plan backfired. They needed to come up with another plan, and quick. THEY MUST KILL THE BEARD!

With more false beard rumors of course. Hence the latest articles about beard bacteria, and that a beard contains more bacteria then a toilet. Hey, the guy wasn’t even a scientist, professor or a micro biologist, he just sent some samples to a lab. And to be fair, A LOT of stuff is dirtier than a toilet, mostly because bacteria can’t survive in a porcelain bowl. And of course you’ll transfer bacteria, to WHAT EVER YOU TOUCH, if you don’t wash your hands! That’s a lesson you learn growing up.

But the article got a huge spread, everyone wrote about them. Even I wrote about it. But who spread it? Who payed for the spread? Who payed to make it go viral? I think the shaving industry. Because, why wouldn’t they?! This is one thing that could help get those beard growers to stop growing and start to shave. To make them fall for their ads and pictures of ?handsome? clean shaven men!


Karin Fahlström – owner and operator at says:
“I can agree that beard is not really a trend anymore. Because it is not just the trend setters that grow beards, it is now almost more common to have some sort of a beard than not. It is more than just a fashion statement, it has become a way of life. If I compare this to let’s say the trend of shaving your chest or male cosmetics, then beards will overcome this purely based on that there are nothing more manly than a full grown beard.

I think that the articles are almost too aggressive in their way to try to tell people, again and again, that they are out of style. So it really makes me wonder if there is any underlying motive behind this? Is there anyone that might profit on shaving beards?”


Time to end this
There you have it folks, a rant from a crazy bearded man. A crazy bearded man who wont bow down to the shaving industries call for help, will not bow down to trends and I WILL NOT SHAVE! Propaganda from the shaving industry is hurtful to the bearded community as I see more and more poor and weak souls end up shaving!

Let me know in the comments if you agree, or disagree, and please share this, all over the internet. We need to get to word out and stop this propaganda making from the shaving industry, they shall not win, NO, they cannot win, because together  we stand strong and united. Bearded brethren are we!

Clarification: I’m not saying that Gillette is the bad guy here, they are only used as an example!


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