Latest news and need-to-know’s on Ratemybeard

Latest news and need-to-know’s

A lot is happening right now on and around Ratemybeard, specially with the launch of the #heartbeard website. Lot’s of managing to do, I got 3 giveaways going. First it’s the Beard Token giveaway, which ends 6 PM EST today, July 11. Yeah the reason for the weird ending time is, that in Sweden, where I live, that’s midnight. And I can’t change that time in the giveaway widget.

Then there’s the Beard Bringer Facebook like giveaway going. Where if/when my public figure page on Facebook, The Beard Bringer, reaches 500 likes, I will give away a piece of Mr Bear Family beard balm to one, random and lucky follower. Please check it out and give my page a like!

Then the last, but not least giveaway going on, is the #heartbeard t-shirt giveaway. It celebrates the release of the new #heartbeard website. Just sign up and share and you have a chance of winning a really nice shirt that supports the fight against heart disease. The #heartbeard website is also supposed to work as a information page for those of you who are interested in #heartbeard and maybe wants to get involved, donate or just spread the word. Over at you can read about my cause and see the #heartbeard supporters, read about heart disease and follow the blog. #heartbeard is also on Facebook, so please give the page a like while you’re at it, it’s for a good cause!


So, what’s new on the review front?

As you can see on the picture above, 4 different brands have been reviewed and posted on in the last couple of weeks. Nice products that deserve some credit. First up, and I go along as the picture, is Beardlife’s beard oil, Lady Killer. A fine oil, more then OK and worthy to try. Second up, is not a beard product, but a beer, or rather an ALE. It’s a ale brewed in Canada that’s called Crazy Beard Wild Apple Ale. I was pleasantly surprised and I really liked it. Then it’s the balm of kings, Leonis Barbam beard balm, two different balms that sparked tons of memories when used, love it. Last but not least I reviewed Proraso’s liquid beard balm. Smells fantastic, but a bit much!

That’s it for reviews, please read them, share them and comment your thoughts! 

Other then that, there’s LOT’s of new beard pictures uploaded in the last couple of days. So do check them out and give them your vote, or upload your own of course, because at the end of each month, the beard with the most votes gets a really nice prize package from Mr Bear Family! :)

bothOh, yeah, I almost forgot. I received a few winner pictures as well. People who won stuff on Ratemybeard sent me some pictures letting me know their stuff arrived. I love that part. So if you know you have won something on Ratemybeard and received it, but haven’t snapped a picture, please do and send it to me! The pictures I recieved this time was from Mark in New Zealand and from Robert in the Netherlands! Ratemybeard travels around the globe!

I love getting these emails, so please don’t forget to send em if you won something from Ratemybeard!

So, to sum up and get a closure on this post.

The #heartbeard website launched, give it a visit, as well as the #heartbeard Facebook page. There’s 3 giveaways going on, one ending today. The others in a few days. I you just scrolled down here without reading, info’s at the top. 4 new different reviews were posted, you find the links above. I got some emails from past winners and that’s about it.

Please share Ratemybeard, #heartbeard and beard love with the world!

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