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Life inside a media hype!

Most of you, if not all, have probably read somewhere on the internet or seen on tv, the whole thing about Bearded Villains Sweden being mistaken for ISIS. I was there, and in some way my picture have been used all over the internet, on every media outlet and tv-station covering it. It’s been a crazy few days with taking calls from reporters from around the world. I’ve spoken with french reporters, german reporters, english, scottish, american… well you get the idea.

Andreas Fransson Bearded Villains
Photo by @beardzerk

I’m not used to this kind of attention to be honest, but I found out that I like it. I like talking on tv, I like talking on radio and in newspapers. Who could’ve figured… Me, a shy bearded fellow from a small town in northern Sweden. At least that’s where I’m from. I live in the capital now. I did all of my high school years studying from home, I had severe social anxiety, I could hardly walk outside the front door. I passed out at several occasions and broke down in tears when I was around people. I still remember it very clearly. But then something happened, can you guess?

I started growing a beard, yes, thats right. A beard helped me (meds partially also) become the man I am today. The beard gave me more confidence, it gave me strength. It might sound weird, bit thats the case. Ever since I’ve had a beard, my social anxiety have disappeared more and more. I sometimes still get a little freaked out in tight crowded spaces. But not as before, I can handle it now.

Why am I telling you this?
Well. This media hype about us being mistaken for ISIS have really put me to the test. Doing live interviews, both tv and radio, talking to unknown people on the phone. During these few days I’ve been so scared that my social anxiety would come back, but it hasn’t, thankfully. I do however think that talking to all these reporters have made me stronger, more prepared for other interviews and a stronger person.

The hype have been crazy,some of my interviews include BBC UK 5live, BBC Good Morning Scotland, Washington Post, Time, Huffington Post, TV4, Aftonbladet TV and many, many more. I’m so honored to be able to uphold the foundation that is Bearded Villains, and to stand next to my bearded brothers in this whole thing. Together we will make the world a better place, wether it’s a small gesture or a huge fundraiser. Being nice to a stranger is something you should try, a smile, hold the door open and so on. I want to thank ALL the member of Bearded Villains Sweden, they’ve pushed me and cheered my one during the interviews, giving me strength to carry on. And thank you to my beautiful girlfriend who have helped me so much. And thank you to everyone else who have acknowledged this and contacted me. You rock!

I wrote another post where I gather the links to different articles around the web. You can check it out here! And don’t forget to follow BeardedvillainsBeardedvillains_sweden – and me, Freeradical666 on Instagram.

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