6 new Beardilizer Beard Oils – an in depth look and feel

6 new Beardilizer beard oils

Yes, you heard that right, SIX (6) new Beardilizer beard oils hit the market a couple of weeks ago, and wow are you in for a treat. The scents are not as crazy as the older Dirty South Bacon or Leather scents, but there are some gems here.

The new Beardilizer beard oils are:

  • Tea Tree Trance
  • Jelly Beard
  • Citrus Blast
  • Dr Frankincense
  • Cortes Vanilla
  • Maori Ta Moko

I’d thought we’d go trough them in the order above and I will give my opinion on the different scents. As for the oil itself, it’s a semi thick oil with great absorption capabilities, softening for the beard and it really hydrates both the skin and beard. The base ingredients in all Beardilizer beard oils are: Moroccan Argan Oil known for its nourishing properties, Jamaican Black Castor Oil used to stimulate hair growth, Australian Eucalyptus Leaf Oil known for its revitalizing, cleansing properties, Greek Rosemary Leaf Oil used in the prevention of dandruff and protection of hair follicles. There are also Italian Grape Seed Oil used to bring shine and moisturise to hair, Greek Olive Oil known for promoting hair growth, Californian Jojoba Seed Oil used to soften hair and skin and American Soybean Oil known for its cleansing properties.

High quality ingredients mixed together to make your beard feel and smell great. But now, let’s get on with the scents.

Cortes Vanilla

Tea Tree Trance

The Tea Tree Trance oil if one for the books, with the almost fresh eucalyptus scent, it really energize you and wakes you up in the morning. It might remind you of cooling ointments or salves scent wise, but as a beard oil, it really hits the spot. I for one love the semi strong scent, the scent itself makes my beard feel clean and fresh, and I almost get a elevated state of focus.

Jelly Beard

Got a sweet tooth? Good, this is the oil for you… Jelly Beard has actually been available in Europe for some time now, and I freaking love it. I’m so happy that the US gets to try this one. Imagine the sweet candy scent and taste of Jelly Beans, this smells exactly like that. I so love it. I almost wish I could taste the oil, but having it in my beard all day really makes me happy. It might sound like a novelty scent, but it’s actually amazing.

Citrus Blast

My favourite scent of the new Beardilizer beard oils. This is hard to explain, but I have always loved citrus scents, especially LIME. I love lime, love it… All I can think of when using this oil is fresh. Fresh and happy, happy and energized. The scent is so citrusy, sweet and uplifting. It will make your summer endeavours even better and people around you will love it.

Dr Frankincense

Nature wants you. Dr Frankincense is a bit different from the other and remind me more about nature, earth and the outdoors. With a slight citrusy and herby scent mixed with nature, this oil is perfect for those camping trips or evenings out on the lawn. This one is darker, richer and heavier in the scent then the other new Beardilizer beard oils. A great compliment to use on your hiking days.

Cortes Vanilla

This…. this is my favourite, never mind me saying that Citrus Blast was my favourite, this is… I’m actually writing this review in steps, trying one oil at a time for some time, writing down my thoughts, hence the change of hearts. If a beard oil could be sexy, it would be called Cortes Vanilla. This dark, warm and comforting vanilla scent is so intoxicating and unique, that I want to use it every day. When I was testing this oil, I was actually using the oil and then laying in bed with the lights off just enjoying it, dreaming away to a better place, taking deep breaths and mellowing out. I really, really love Cortes Vanilla.

Maori Ta Moko

When I first read the name of this new Beardilizer beard oil, the word “tropical beach” hit my mind. It turns out I was right. Maori Ta Moko is a tropical scent with a hint of suntan oil and perfume. I actually want a drink now, one of those umbrella drinks or a drink served directly out of a pineapple. This oil takes me away to a stress free life full of sun, beaches and refreshing drinks. It really hit the spot for me.

Tee Tree Trance

There we go, that was the six new Beardilizer beard oils, a well diverse set of oils with different scents for different situations. I think Beardilizer did a great job with these and really found a scent for everyone. 

You can find the new oils on Beardilizer’s website, just click here! and it will take you to their online store!

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