POLL: Is there a price on your beard?

Thoughts was running through my head today, as the utterly poor person I am, and it hit me. IS there a price on my beard? Would I shave if I was offered 100 000 USD?  I’ve read about famous/wealthy people shaving for charity. People pay someone to shave, and all the proceeds go to charity, but how would that be if I was offered, being nobody and not recognized by anyone on the streets?

Would I shave it for 100 000 USD?
The answer would have to be a hard and regretful “Yes”, but let me explain. I have loans and mortgages, I have almost more expenses then income and I struggle each month. A 100 000 USD would change my life in the long run. I would be able to pay my loans and be debt free. I could start living a normal life. So yes, I would shave my beard for 100 000 USD. I can always let it grow back to it’s magnificence!

Would I shave my beard and NEVER let it grow back?
Hell the fuck NO!

Please answer this poll, you can add your own amount of dollars at the bottom. And I would love it if you could share this post to others and we’ll see if anyone else is ready to shave their beards for money!

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