Proraso ­Balsamo Da Barba Beard Balm

Proraso ­Balsamo Da Barba Beard Balm

I love to try new beard products, wether it’s completely unknown stuff or something that every bearded man uses every day. This is one product that I hadn’t heard about that much before. Maybe because this is a bit different beard balm then we’re used to in the beard world today!


Balsamo Da Barba from Proraso looks very luxurious and reminds me of a after shave bottle or a perfume. The bottle is see-through glass  and unusual shape for a regular beard balm, which in it’s form makes it feel more fancy and fine bearding. At the same time, this shape would not catch my eye as a beard product to be honest, I would, as I said, think it was a perfume or a after shave.

This is a liquid beard balm, not that common I feel. This is actually the first one I’ve sen. It’s a leave in balm as well, you don’t rinse it. Regular beard balms tend to be made from beeswax and shea butter, which makes them hard and moldable. This is not. It reminds me of a shower balm, but I’ve learned that it’s not.

The liquid state makes it very easy to get out of the bottle, thank god! It doesn’t give my beard any special hold or fixture, it only works as a moisturizer without hold. Although the text on the bottle suggests and hints that this is mostly for younger beards, new beards and shorter beards. To smell good and to prevent beard itch. Sure, I get that. Me with a pretty big beard, it’s ok!


As I said, with a big beard like mine you kinda need some stability and hold, that’s why after only a few minutes with this, my beard has it’s own life. If you’re like me, a man with a bit longer then average beard, you could use a unscented beard balm with hold before or after, just to fix it in place. The next “problem”, I say “problem” because it’s a very nice problem. The Balsamo Da Barba from Proraso smells FANTASTIC, damn it smells good. BUT, it’s very strong! Aye, the scent can be overpowering and a  bit much, specially for me who have to apply a bit more to my full beard.

It smells like a luxurious perfume, a fancy after shave or a heavenly lotion. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THE SCENT! But for me, I need too much of it, I need to much balm to moisturize my beard and therefore it overpowers and smells too strong. I have had a hard time getting the right amount for my beard, the right amount not to get that too strong scent. I guess I have to experiment some more!

I do think this balm is perfect for you with a shorter beard. You wont need as much balm and it wont overpower. And you will smell fantastic!

If you are in Sweden you can order some Balsamo Da Barba from Proraso over at – They got you covered!

Check out Proraso for more info!



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