Ratemybeard on hold

The time has come to take a semi break!

The break is not total, and permanent, it’s just that I have so much stuff with work, life and everything around it, that I can’t keep up with keeping Ratemybeard.se active and content heavy. Therefore I’m taking a break!

I have disabled the Beard upload forms on the site, so the monthly beard contest is currently on hold.

Other then that I will try to post reviews and articles as much as time allows me.

The reason for this is that Ratemybeard is taking too much time from me, and gives nothing back in the form of revenue. Time = money unfortunately. But this is a good thing, because I will come back stronger and with more will to deliver when the time comes!

Thank you all who uploaded photos in the last 4 years, we will see each other again soon :)

Best regards

Andreas Fransson
Founder of Ratemybeard.se

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