REVIEW – Bamboo Men Conditioner & Shaving Cream

Shaving cream? Hmm, naa!

I did not test the shaving cream capabilities to be honest. So I can’t give you a review on that. However, I did test it as a conditioner. I’m one of those who don’t shave AT ALL, not the neckline, not the cheeks, nothing, and thats because I love being bearded and want my beard to roam freely.

I once more got the honor to review a few products courtesy of and Testpiloterna. I’m a part of Beardshops reviewing site called “Testpiloterna”, it’s in Swedish and it’s filled with male grooming product reviews. Testpiloterna is the Swedish word for Test Pilots. You can find this review in Swedish as well, written by me, for Testpiloterna – HERE!

andreas-bamboo2Bamboo Men Conditioner & Shaving Cream is free from parabens, gluten and many other chemicals, which is really good. Specially in todays society where more and more products pop up all the time. You need to think about the health aspect of things, and Bamboo does that perfectly. Lot’s of times manufacturers doesn’t really care what goes in to their product, as long as it sells.

Something I always check first when I get a new product is the scent. The scent is very important and many time the scent is the reason I buy a product or not. Thats why I was happy that this conditioner had a very pleasant, fresh and uplifting scent. It reminds me of eucalyptus, tea tree and tree’s.

I really like the scent, it’s so fresh and cozy that I almost what to eat it. And I must admit that I applied it one or two more times during the same shower, just to be able to feel the scent more. Although, what I’m about to say might sound weird, but it’s a very personal opinion. The downside of this product is, for me, that the beard becomes almost too soft. I know, weird right. But hear me out!

My beard is pretty long, about 20 cm, and when you have a beard with that much length and move around, at the end of the day it’s everywhere, naturally messy and curly. And when I used the Bamboo Men Conditioner & Shaving Cream my beard became so soft, that not even my hardest and toughest balm could keep it in shack one whole day. I know it might sound weird, but it’s my personal opinion. The conditioner makes my beard way too soft.. which is cozy, and it’s great for your beard, and for when your partner want to stroke it, cuddle with it and love it. But if I’m going out, be active and such, I want to beard to know it’s place.

It hurts me that I don’t like the softness this conditioner gives my beard, because the scent is absolutely fantastic, I love it. I do however think that it will do wonders if you have a little bit shorter beard. Test and see, because it’s a very good and high quality product that lasts long. And it doubles as a shaving cream if you’re in to that kind of stuff.

Final thoughts:
Very good product that will last a long time. Smells fantastic and it makes you feel very fresh a long time after your shower. Make my beard a little too soft. But thats just my personal opinion.


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