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Beard Ammo – reload your beard!

The thing that made me look up Beard Ammo beard dressing was, beside the fact I love beard balm, the packaging. I thought it looked really cool and it’s a bit different from everyone else. Really don’t know the exact size of the tin can, but it reminds me of an ammo case, and… maybe that’s to point ;)

One thing that struck me when opening the tin can was the smell, damn, that’s nice!

Beard Ammo originalBeard Ammo – Original Beard Balm – Wow, even tho the peppermint scent is the big leader in this batch, I can really feel all the other ingredients, the combination and mix of essential oils is amazing, refreshing and really great, my girlfriend pointed out to me that it smells a little like licorice, and yeah, I can feel it, not much, but it kinda reminds me of licorice. I really enjoy this scent, and it even cools my skin a little bit, it feels nice, it feels fresh and it feels manly. Balm wise it got a pretty soft consistency, it’s solid of course, but very easily scraped up and instantaneously melts in my palm. easily applied to my beard and soaked up very fast. My beard feels bigger, healthier and got a really nice shine. And I smell great!

The ingredients are: argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin e. Essential oils: ylang ylang 3, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, Patchouli, fir needle, rosemary.

Beard Ammo harvestBeard Ammo – Harvest – OK, this is great, this is… I don’t know, I think cinnamon. I don’t have the list of ingredients in this balm, but damn. It smells like Christmas, manhood and a pleasure punch in the nose at the same time. It almost smell like Swedish mulled wine, consumed during Christmas. It’s a strong scent, so a word of advice is due, do not take to much as it smells a lot. But then again, it smells great. I think this is my favorite of the two, and it go a really cool green color. As the original it very easy to apply, melts instantaneously and is soaked up in my beard very fast, and it’s a scent that turns heads, and by that I mean that people at work asked me what kind of perfume I was using, and that’s a good thing, they where a little shocked to know that it was beard balm… yes, most of my co-workers didn’t even know that these things exist.

Final thoughts:
I love these, great packaging, great scents and great consistency on the balm. The Harvest is a clear winner and the Original is a fantastic balm. I think these are some of the best smelling balms I’ve tried, so if you’re interested and have the possibility, buy one, they’re great!

Beard Ammo only ships to United States from Alabama, USA at the moment, but are working to get international delivery going!

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Beard Ammo
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