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Hell yes, beside the Beardilizer & Beard Token giveaways  I was thinking that I should tell you about these TWO Beard Heads I have in my possession. You have seen them in ads on Facebook, Google and other random sites, you’ve seen pictures of them, you’ve seen people having a blast wearing them. You always thought you should buy one, then you go about your day and forget about it, UNTIL you see them again and think, “Damn, I need to order me one of those”.

I’m gonna give you a chance to win ONE. Yes, I do have two, so there’s gonna be TWO WINNERS!!! that win one Beard Head each. How does that sound? If you fancy some other Beard Head, then head on over to and order one yourself :) So if you’re only interested about the giveaway and not my following rant, please scroll down to the bottom of the post.

I LOVE Beard Heads. Honestly, they are funny as hell and a great idea, such a great idea that you almost bang your head against the wall for not coming up with it yourself. I won one once in a Instagram contest held by Beardismkills, that time I won the Barbarian – Knight, and it was amazing. I ended up giving it away to my girlfriends little brother tho, as a birthday gift, (and he wore it all the time (he’s 4) and it was summer). Because thats what Beard Heads are great for, gifts. Imagine giving your girlfriend, boyfriend, little brother or sister, or why not grandmother an amazing looking Beard Head!?! :)

Both the look and feel of Beard Heads are very sturdy and high quality, it feel that it would last a lifetime and that you can use it in every activity, tho some might be hard due to the long beard, but hey, braid it some more! ;)

Beardhead Barbarian PillagerI have two Barbarian Pillager Beard Heads that I think is completely amazing, I brought one to work and it was the subject of the whole day, imagine wearing one out on the town, I want to try that. The Pillager features an adjustable beard thats fitted by two buttons that you can easily move for better placement. It’s knitted with 100% acrylic yarn and comes in one size fits (almost) all.

Here’s a copy+paste from
“The Barbarian Collection has arrived! The mightiest of all the Beard Heads, the new Barbarian Collection sprouts epic manliness from every pore of its very being! With an seemingly endless explosion of powerful hair bursting forth from your face, you’re sure to conquer any obstacle you encounter by sheer intimidation alone!”

THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER – Check the blog who won!

Here we go, now.. I’m giving away two Beard Heads as said earlier, there’s gonna be two winners and they will be chosen randomly by the Rafflecopter widget below, so it’s all up to chance and out of my hands! :)

How do I enter?
Below, there’s a Rafflecopter widget with 4 different options. Like Ratemybeard on Facebook, Follow Ratemybeard on Twitter, Tweet a pre-written tweet & Comment on blog post. You just do one of those to enter. Or you do them all and get 4 entries.

When does the giveaway end?
It ends on November 15, it’s a Saturday. And some time during that day. (Controlled by the widget)

How is a winner chosen?
A winner is chosen automatically by the Rafflecopter widget, and I will personally contact the winner.

Don’t have Facebook or Twitter?
No problem, just use the “Comment on post”-option

Who can enter?
Anyone, male, female, dog etc. This giveaway is open to anyone! :)

And of course, you can do all entries for extra points. There’s also extra points for using the “Tweet message” entry once each day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you! So go sharing, caring and bearding in your quest to win an amazing Beard Heard Barbarian Pillager. :) GOOD LUCK!
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