Review – Beard Monster Four Horsemen beard oil

Beard Monster Four Horsemen beard oil

Beard Monster, the brand that will keep your interest and imagination juices flowing, kinda like their beard oil, the Four Horsemen. Not only does Beard Monster have this awesome and cool logo, but also very interesting names for their products. With names like Witch’s Brew, Zombie Killer, Ghostly Pirate, Death’s Garden, Wolfman, Bigfoot, Four Horsemen, Vampire Hunter etc, you can’t be anything but super stoked and super excited about what they would smell and feel like. The names intrigues me so much and I wish I could try them all. They do offer a beard oil sample pack for only $14.99 on their website, which consist of 5 sample sized bottles, with 5 scents of your choosing. Pretty nifty and good if you can’t decide.

Beard Monster’s Four Horsemen beard oil really stands out, it captures me in a way few products have done before, might it be that the scent is something completely new, something I’ve never seen before. And can it be that the oil itself, scented or not, feels fantastic and does wonders with my beard! The absorption is perfect, the consistency is very loose and your beard will drink it upp like it’s the blood of a newborn in a death metal music video. It’s light yellow in color and does not stain.

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The absorption is perfect, the consistency is very loose and your beard will drink it upp like it’s the blood of a newborn in a death metal music video

The Four Horseman scent is very complex and different. It’s almost hard to describe what it smells like. I will try my best, but I promise you, if you get this oil, you won’t regret it! The oil if made up of Four different scents, which by the way blends beautifully and perfect. The advertised scents are Tobacco, Leather, Coffee and Musk, and I must say, I feel them all. The concoction is so perfectly blended that when I apply this oil to my beard, I smile…

I smile because it fills me with satisfaction, with power and with a sense of fulfillment. I feel invigorated, I feel manly and I feel on top of the world. The sweet scent of tobacco and dark coffee blends together to form a nice round scent, a pleasant scent which lingers and soothes. Along comes the leather, which is the main smell, but also the best one. As it blends with the coffee and tobacco, it’s almost magical. It’s hard to describe. But I love this scent. On the end the musk comes in and kinda evens it out and adds that little extra.
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Four Horsemen!

I truly believe that this oil may be one of my absolute favorites, one of the oils I want to have more of, and one of those oil that I so truly wished that I could do a giveaway on. The oil is so greatly balanced, manly, and rough that I can’t believe anyone who wouldn’t like it.

I do hope that you at least order a sample pack and be sure to include the Four Horsemen in it, because this is great!

The Beard Monster Four Horsemen beard oil comes in 1 oz/30 ml bottles. Nad it clearly states that a synthetic musk is used and no animals where harmed!

The ingredients are: Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Vitamin E and fragrances.

Final thoughts
Buy it now… I can’t come up with a better sentence, but to buy it asap. You will love it, I’m sure of it!




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