Review – Beardilizer European Spray & Cream

How do you enhance something that’s already perfect?

You make it even better with Beardilizer!

I’ve tried all Beardilizers products and every time I’ve been more then satisfied. This time is no different! Thanks to and their review site Testpiloterna, I got the honor of trying the EUROPEAN versions of the Topical Spray and Beard Cream. They are a little bit different from the American products, I guess due to rules and regulations. One thing that really stands out trying these thing is the spray is that it doesn’t irritate my skin, which the american spray did. I do believe it was the chili contents that did, which have been reduced in the European version.

creamnewI did love the original beard cream like crazy, I used it every day and it was fantastic. However… I do believe the European version is better. Not only does it smell better, kinda like a really nice sunscreen, but it feels fresher in some way. And I like the plastic containers better then the metal, the metal one rusted on me. The European cream is somply fantastic and I freaking love it. Not only does it promote beard growth, but it also softens your beard, moisturizes it and makes it super healthy.

What strikes me first is fresh and crisp scent of the cream. Imagine being on a vacation, you’re just about to get ready and head down to the beach, you get your bottle of sunscreen and you start to smear it on you. You grab a little extra because you like the scent and it smell so good. Summery and fresh! That feeling is what I get from the Beardilizer beard cream, why? Well, it reminds me of the smell of sunscreen, beaches and vacation. I love that smell.

A few minutes after application your beard starts to puff up, kinda like a peacock, it feels and looks bigger. It’s a funny feeling. Just brush it and it will look amazing! I usually apply the cream before bed and in the morning, and it lasts a whole day! The Beardilizer Cream is fantastic.

topicalspraynewThe Beardilizer Topical Spray is a little different from the American one, the white bottle irritated my skin and I lost my breath when applying it to my beard. It sometimes were very uncomfortable at times. Although the new black bottle from the European store is fantastic. It doesn’t irritate at all and it works wonders for your beard.

The topical spray is made to make you get a fuller, bigger beard. I usually spray parts of my face, like the cheeks, neck and just below the nose. It feels like it opens the follicles and make the hair grow, and I have noticed more strands of mustache just below my nose. I will post a before and after picture of my Beardilizer moustache below. It does show! :)

UPDATE: There will be a new lighter version of the Topical Spray in the US as well, coming out later this month (June 2015). A lighter version with less heat.

Since I started using the Beardilizer cream and spray I’ve heard from friends and colleagues that my beard looks bigger, and that’s awesome in my book!

You can find these products on the European store –

I’ve been a huge fan of Beardilizer for a long time. I’m a user of their beard growth supplement and I love it. I tried them all during a few weeks awhile back. The pills, the cream and spray. You can read em all here – Beardilizer 10 day review – and I got this discount code that YOU, my readers, get to use if you ever wanted to order something from them. The discount code is “SVEN” and entitles you to 10% discount on your order at!


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