REVIEW – Beardition Beard Shampoo & Beard Conditioner

My beard smells like banana!

The fact that my beard smell like banana isn’t a bad thing, I like bananas, it’s good! But since taste are as beards, different, it might not be suitable for everyone. But on the other hand, that applies to every scent there is. I noticed the scent right away and can be described as Minty Banana! Yes, it really smells like banana, you know when you have just eaten a banana and smell your fingers, that’s the smell! Pretty funny when you think about it, and I wonder if it’s supposed to smell like banana. Either way! I LIKE IT!

I once more got the honor to review a few products courtesy of and Testpiloterna. I’m a part of Beardshops reviewing site called “Testpiloterna”, it’s in Swedish and it’s filled with male grooming product reviews. Testpiloterna is the Swedish word for Test Pilots. You can find this review in Swedish as well, written by me, for Testpiloterna – HERE!


IMG_5341The shampoo lathers like crazy, I mean VERY much, and I love it. It’s very easy to apply and easy to work with. It washes out easily and my beard doesn’t feel dry afterwards. The shampoo itself does a great job moisturizing the beard.

One thing that stands out is the scent, and minty banana scent, I can’t shake that from my mind. Even tho it got lots of ingredients, banana is the thing that comes to my mind.

I almost do feel like the conditioner might be a little bit overkill in this combination, I feel that the shampoo did all the work, and that conditioning the beard one extra time wasn’t needed. Al thou it did moisturize the beard a little bit extra, and I loved feeling that amazing scent one more time, so it was OK.

The Beardition Beard Conditioner also have this distinct banana scent. Which I love.

Both products rock, and feel very high end and well made. My beard feels very fresh and crisp after a shower, as it should with a good shampoo and conditioner. I think Beardition have a great product here, and you really should try it. I strongly recommend them!

Final thoughts:
Since both products are supposed to be used during a shower, I kinda feels like one product would be enough. The shampoo does a great job on it’s own and leaves my beard feeling fresh as a summer morning, but getting to apply the banana scent one more time in the form of the conditioner was just a bonus. I like bananas and Beardition feels like a very professional brand.

Please let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these products, AND if you also think it reminds you of banana, if not I might have to see a doctor to check on my scent receptors ;)


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