Review: Big Red Beard Comb Beard Oil

Citrusy, pleasant and fresh!

When I was a child I was never a fan of citrus fruits, mostly because I was a little bit allergicly sensitive to citrus fruits. Something I later grew out of. What I grew in to was a great thing, it was a fondness of citrus scent and citrus drinks. I’m actually drinking a Tropicana Lemon lemonade as I write this. What I want to say with this is that Big Red Beard Combs beard oil, the Noble scent have a very pleasant citrus scent. It’s so pleasant and light that I want to drink it, but I do refrain from it.

Big Red Beard Combs Beard OilI got me a 1/2 oz bottle to try and I like it. It give my beard a really nice shine, it doesn’t feel oily afterwards and it smells great. It has a very light consistency and is very easy to apply to your beard. The citrus scent is perfectly balanced to make you feel refreshed and clean for hours. You know that feeling after eating an orange or a tangerine of some sort, you can sit for hours and smell your fingers just because it smells so good, it’s like that, I smell my beard and it almost feels like I tripped and fell in to a vat of tangerines, it’s amazing.

Another thing I like about this oil is the absorbation rate. I applied the oil while sitting in front of my computer and I didn’t even have to wash my hands before I started to type. It’s the same with my beard, it feels dry and nice, but the glowing and refreshed shine is still there. I would recommend you to try this oil if you havent!

The ingredients list reads:
– Grapeseed Oil
– Jojoba Oil
– Argan Oil
– Hempseed Oil
– Essential Oils:

I actually like the size of the bottle as well, it’ a really good travel size which suits me perfectly.

How to apply the beard oil according to the bottle:
Apply 4-6 drops in palm and massage into beard starting from root to tip. Comb with a Big Red Beard Comb to distribute evenly throughout.

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