Review: Big Red Beard Comb No 9

Luxurious, that my feeling!

Yes, this little piece of wood that came so amazingly neatly, luxuriously and fantastically packed, i was amazed. Hat’s off and standing ovations! The one who thought about packaging a comb in this way needs a reward. It made me feel special, really special. Like someone cares a lot about me, like a mothers embrace or a partners tender kiss. I felt loved big Big Red Beard Combs!!! Again with the emotions the products give me, but don’t you see?! It reminds me, it makes me feel, it makes me remember. And most importantly, I will remember the products even further in the future!

My first thought, or well, my third thought was: Ok, I’m gonna break this comb, it feels very tender. But as I tested the limits of the combs, bending, pushing and using it I quickly understood that it wasn’t only the packaging that were high quality, but also the comb.

And my second thought?
Ah yes, the second thought went something like this: Damn, this is light as a feather!
It really is light as a feather. You can hardly feel holding it in your palm, yet still it’s perfectly balanced and shaped for the ultimate grip.The curves of the comb fits like a glove and makes it a pleasure to hold. Not only is it light, durable and well balanced, it’s also freakishly gorgeous. It looks rustic, hard, bad ass and manly. It fits perfectly in my chest pocket and I’ts with me wherever I go now.


It flows great through my beard, it de-tangles it, making my beard feel smooth and bigger.

I have the No 9 Big Red Beard Comb in Cherry color, but it’s available in Walnut as well. Big Red Beard Combs also have lots of other beard combs that needs to be checked out. Here’s a link to their website!

Quick info from Big Red Beard Combs about the No 9:

  • Stay Groomed Gentlemen engraving
  • Cherry outer Eastern Maple inner -creating a Maple ‘pinstripe’
  • Crafted with laminated technology
  • Ideal for medium to long lengths
  • 3-5/8″(9.5cm) long x 1-1/2″(3.9cm) wide
  • Static Resistant
  • Protective 100% recyclable, re-seable package

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