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Bobos oilBobo’s Beard Oil & Tash wax review!

The one thing that instantly catches my eye’s are the high quality and amazing printing, both on the labels and the box the products are wrapped in. It looks like a old time circus or carnival poster. It’s so nice and I love it. The brown/beige carton with the faded “Japanese sunset” on it, and the little picture of a strong man, it’s fantastic. Just look at it. And yeah, their website is completely smashing, it’s beautiful! Check it out here!

The oil itself if pretty thick and just the way I like it. It absorbs very quickly into my beard and it doesn’t make it feel oily. I have no problems what so ever running my fingers through it and I don’t feel greasy. It got a very nice, yet subtle scent of peppermint and patchouli, it’s perfectly balanced and not overpowering at all.


A lot of times I’ve tried oils and balms that are very strongly scented, which either can give you a headache after a whole day of wearing it, or it overpowers/mixes with your regular perfume, making them clash. This oil does not, it sits there, in your beard, making you feel very comfortable and relaxed. 

The scent it pretty dark, it lingers for a good while and it reminds me of a mossy clearing in the woods on a hot summer afternoon, just after a storm. The mossy and planty scent of patchouli mixed with some peppermint gives this oil a good kick, and also a calming effect. This oil is great as a evening wear, going out to dinner or the movies. My girlfriend loves it and that’s a really good review right there.

I really enjoy wearing this oil and I recommend you trying it.



As for the Tash wax, bravo Bobo!

It’s hard to find a great moustach wax that’s not too hard or difficult to apply. This is perfect. It’s got a great hold, I only applied it 2 times in one day, and I eat pretty often and drink LOT’s of coffee! Both being lightly scented, giving it a little bit of extra punch and pleasure for your Tash.

I’ve tried two different Tash wax’es from Bobo’s and they’re scented with Ylang Ylang and Peppermint. Ylang Ylang with it’s lightly floral scent is perfect in the afternoon. The peppermint suits good for those Monday mornings when you need a kick in the wake up center of your brain. Even tho peppermint can be a very strong scent, these moustache waxes are so lightly scented, that you will smell the peppermint/ylang ylang, but they wont overpower or smell too much. Perfectly balanced!


BONUS: I also got this tiny amazing moustach comb, how awesome is this!!! And it actually works!



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