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I’m in beard oil heaven!

Two bottles of Braw Beard Oil arrived in the mail. I was in a hurry due to some other obligations and kinda just ripped open the package. I figured I’d just take a quick wiff and go one with my business before checking out the oil further. And that’s basically what it took, ONE quick wiff, something in the oil intrigued me, sparked my brain in to gear and punching my scent appreciation nerve (is there such a thing). The first bottle I opened was the “Heather”….

Braw Beard OilI brought the bottles to work and so far I have let about 15 people sniff them and tell me what they think, it has been some mixed reviews, but everyone liked the smells. But when I asked them what the smell reminded them of I got some funny answers. Some of them made me giggle a bit. One person got reminded of a stable from her youth, another one said it smelled like woodshop class. One thing most of all the people I asked had in commons was that they didn’t actually say what it smelled like, an actual thing, but more a memory, a place or time they cherished and missed. That’s pretty powerful and amazing, and really interesting.

…. Ah yes, Heather, what is this intoxicating scent? On Braw Beard Oil’s website it says “a light floral scent”.. Hmm, yeah, maybe. I can’t really put my finger on it. As could not my co-workers. The Heather beard oil is a mystery, a wonderful mystery nonetheless. I love the scent, I feel comfortable with the scent, I feel loved by the scent of Heather, it embraced me and my beard and it speaks to me. I even ended up NOT washing my hands after applying it to my beard, just so I could sit and smell my hands. That is a pretty good first impression! Wether you are new to beard oils or a veteran, you NEED to try out the Heather, it kind of left me with a stupid look on my face, not knowing if I should laugh, love or run around screaming of joy! I LOVE IT!

Then there’s the Wulver

The Wulver have, according to the Braw Beard Oil website, a scent of sweet musk. To me, it smells like the outdoors, the woods and freedom. Freedom to do what I want, to run around in the woods, talking to animals and living the life we all were meant to from the beginning. In some way I feel so happy when I use these oils, they bring back memories, they make me feel special and I get a tingling sensation. I just need to take another wiff…

My girlfriend get to smell quite a few oils now and then when I’m trying new stuff. And why shouldn’t I use the expert advise from my wonderful girlfriend, after all, I for one take care of my beard and primp it just for her. She said when she got to smell the oils that “These are my favorites so far“. I know how she feels, I like them very, very much as well. I wish I could make you smell it through here.

Braw Beard Oil… The Wulver took me back to highschool and woodshop class. It smells of freshly cut tree, mixed with chewing gum and wood oil. But at the same time wondering what that last bit of smell is. Just like Heather it sparks my imagination, it makes me wonder and it activates my brain in ways I never thought a beard oil could do. My conclusion is, you need to try these two oils, they are something else and very worthy competitor on the beard oil market. I absolutely love them and I will probably dream about them tonight!

Here’s some more information about the oils taken from!

Both bottles come in 50 ml and contains Cannabis sativa seed oil, but Braw Beard Oil write’s on their website that the THC content in our hempseed oil has been removed, however they cannot guarantee there is no trace left. So use at your own risk if you are allergic or is at an airport.

The oils are Handmade in Scotland and Braw Beard Oils use the highest therapeutic grade oil blend.

“We create, test and research to produce the best possible product we can.”

Splash the desired amount onto the palms of your hands and rub into your dry facial hair to keep it braw. Our 50ml bottles last 6-12 weeks depending on beard length.

Braw Beard Oil IngredientsIngredients in Heather:
• Cannabis sativa seed oil
• Simmondsia chinensis seed oil
• Argania spinosa kernel oil
• Tocopherol
• Amyris Balsamifera bark oil
• Cananga Odorata oil
• Linalool
• Benzyl benzonate
• Benzyl salicylate
• Geraniol
• Farnesol


Ingredients in Wulver:
• Cannabis sativa seed oil
• Simmondsia chinensis seed oil
• Tocopherol
• Pogostemon cablin oil
• Thymus mastichina herb oil
• Linalool
• Lomonene

Visit Braw Beard Oil for more info!


I recieved some concerns about the Cannabis Sativa seed oil and airport security, drug alarms etc. I asked John of Braw Beard Oil about it and this is his answer:
“We have had no problems with the oil,  it is industrial grade hempseed oil, the kind that is used in health foods and cosmetics. There was one person who said the sniffer dog pulled him and the bottle was confiscated but that is the only one we have heard of. Heather, Warrior, Brook MacDonalds signature oil and the Grand Eckson have lower amounts of Hempseed oil in them so if airports are a concern, those would be the oils of choice.”
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