Review – Broder Joe’s Bourbon Vanilla Beard Balm

Hard, sweet and intriguing!

Broder Joe has done it again. A new scent in a already great product. Broder Joe (or Brother Joe in English) is a small Swedish brand made with love and care by Broder Joe himself. I have met Brother Joe and he is one of the best persons I’ve had the pleasure to meet. A kind, loving and straight up friendly guy. So, if you ever find yourself in the northern parts of Sweden, hit Joe up!

You might have read my previous review of Broder Joe’s first beard balm?! If not, you can read it here!

Let’s move on with this review.

The hardness of this balm is pretty much the same as the previous, but this has the sweet and amazing scent of vanilla and bourbon, the sweetness is amazing. It waters my mouth and really gets my pleasure center working hard. The vanilla scent is the master in this balm, but you feel the bourbon in the back and as a combo finisher, you get that little hint of bee’s wax at the very end. A great mix which really gets me going in the morning.

As for consistency and hardness, this is where it gets tricky. I have always loved balms that are firm, but still soft when scooped up, which give my beard a great hold but is not to loose. Well there’s no need to worry about this balm being to loose, it’s the other way around! It’s rock hard, and sometimes hard to scoop up… BUT, if you got something to scoop it  up with, like Ratemybeard’s #heartbeard balm/wax pick, or Beardshops wax/balm pick, there’s no problem at all!

I actually love the hardness of this balm. My beard is about 20 cm long, and in windy weather or after a day at work it can get a little bit out of hand. But this balm being sooo hard, it really keeps it in place. When you get it in your palm and apply it to your beard, it absorbs beautifully and easily, you almost don’t need to wash your hands afterwards, just because the balm is so hard and therefore dry. It can also work as mustache wax.

So, if you are on the lookout for a hard beard balm, Broder Joe’s is the stuff.

Check out Broder Joe:


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