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Brown’s Beard Oils – Three times the pleasure!

I first came across Brown’s Beard Oils awhile back when I searched the web for beard oil manufacturers. Brown’s caught my attention pretty early because I had not heard about them before. That, and the fact that their beard oil blends sounded very intriguing. Woodland Trails, Grow Wild & The Earls Blend are the ones I’m trying out today.

Oil wise they are basically the same, all three of them are a clear liquid, normal consistency and easily applied in to beard. It’s not to loose and watery, but a nice blend of carefully selected oils.

Let’s move on to the first one!

Brown’s Beard Oils – Grow Wild – The thing that hits me instantly with this oil is the scent of Rosemary, I LOVE ROSEMARY. I use Rosemary in cooking all the time, no matted what I’m cooking. That’s how much I like it. Along with the amazing Rosemary scent comes a woodsy and tree scent that instantly kicks in and starts to fill your mind with wonderful forests, gardens and campfires. The wood scent really gets you going in the morning with a nice and crisp scent. It wakes you up. I love it! As a little added bonus on the end comes the lavender, but just a hint. It adds a floral hint to the oil which bends perfectly with the rest.

The ingredients are: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil and Essential oils of Cedarwood Virginian, Ho Wood, Rosemary, French Lavender.

Brown’s Beard Oil – Woodland Trails –  Sandalwood, sweet sweet sandalwood, I like you. This oil is pretty deep and complex, it almost smell dark, damp and mysterious, kinda like I imagine a woodland trail would do. It’s a very subtle scent, easy on the nose and a good oil to use at night. Specially if you’re like me, I always apply beard oil before bed, that way I know my beard gets moisturized and refreshed during the night. A really good oil if you want a subtle scent, something that smells great, but not too much!

The ingredients are: Argan Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil and Essential Oils of: Cedarwood Virginian, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Lime

Brown’s Beard Oils – The Earls Blend – When I first saw this bottle I was very curious, the name was quirky and exciting. Kind of like the scent, it reminds me of a cup of tea. The light citrus scent go perfectly with the hint of cedarwood. It’s refreshing, crisp and interesting. The citrus gives the oil a little kick, whilst the cedarwood brings the warmth and coziness of a cabin with a open fire. A cup of tea in your hand and good book in the other. I imagining myself in that cabin right now!

Final thoughts:
Brown’s Beard Oils are hand made in small batches to ensure high quality and control, which shows. These are very nice oils with pleasurable scents. Great absorption and consistency. I like them a lot!

Check out Brown’s Beard Oils Website & Facebook!

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