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Cut Throat Stanley – soak in the pine!

What a scent, the Pine and Cedarwood in a perfect blend that makes me smile and remember the woods back home. I think Cut Throat Stanley have perfected the pine scent the another level. If I had the choice to smell actual pine and this oil/blam, I would not be able to tell the difference. It’s that great. The best part is that we recently put up our Christmas tree, a plastic one… yeah, it’s easier when living in the city. And when we decorated it I had put some Cut Throat Stanley beard oil in my beard, so I could feel that amazing pine scent while decorating a plastic Christmas tree, it was amazing =)

Cut Throat StanleyI got a beard balm, beard oil and Tash wax from Cut Throat Stanley, all with the Pine and Cedarwood scent. They all have this amazing pine/Cedarwood scent with a hint of smokey and fresh forest. The scent is so crisp you can almost touch the trees in the forest that your brains pleasure center imagines you to be in.

Cut Throat Stanley Beard Oil – Awesome oil, good texture and a great mixture that makes your beard sell great and shine really bright. It doesn’t leave you with oil stains on your neck and it keeps your beard fresh, crisp and amazing the whole day! The Beard oil comes in 1.6 oz/50 ml glass bottle with a drip guard lid. This bottle is bigger then your usual beard oil bottle, but that’s a good thing that means you get more oil at a affordable price.

The ingredients are: Grape seed oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Pine needle essential oil, Cedar wood essential oil, Essence of Bay. 


Cut Throat Stanley

Beard Balm – Just like the oil this beard balm got this amazing pine & cedarwood scent. Perfectly balanced. The only downside with this balm, which is at the same time, for me, a upside… Is the hardness. It’s so freaking hard I almost broke my nail… ehum, my finger trying to scoop some up. But that’s also one of the things that make me love it.

This is the hardest beard balm I’ve tried so far. Just because it’s so hard it also hardens when applied to my beard and it really keeps it in shack all day. It have almost like a mustache wax kind of hardness to it, but using a coin, back of a spoon or some other hard thing gets it up easily. Applying it is easier then scooping it, seeing it melts pretty easy in your palms!

The Beard Balm comes in a 2  oz/60ml Aluminium screw-top tin.

The ingredients are: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pine needle essential oil, Cedar wood essential oil.

Beard Balm – Softer – Yes, Cut Throat Stanley recently launched another beard balm, or it’s the same, it’s just softer. I actually got news about this while I was testing and writing about the other, harder balm, which will henceforth be know as “Firm”. The new one is softer, with less beeswax which makes it softer and easier to apply. I got a few cans of that one as well, and will be giving 3 away in a future giveaway. I must say that this new softer balm is really great, easy to scoop up and melts fast in my hands, it doesn’t give me the same sturdiness and hold as the harder one, but it’s not far from it. A great and improved balm that’s well worth trying.

The Tash wax will be reviewed later on in my big Mustache Wax comparison review, mostly because I want some length on my mustache before I use the wax.

Final thoughts
I really, really enjoy the pine and cedarwood scent, it’s amazing and it really speaks to my manliness. As I said earlier, the beard balm can feel a bit hard, but that’s good for your beard later when it re-hardens. Go get some of these products if you want to smell like a man and feel great! The balm really fluffs up my beard, it looks huge!

And want to know a great thing? I’m going to give away 2 sets of Cut Throat Stanley beard oil, balm and mustache wax. Yes, 2 people will win one package each! :) So keep an eye out on Twitter/Facebook and website for more information!

Check out Cut Throat Stanley


Cut Throat Stanley
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