Review: eLeaf iStick Basic Vape

eLeaf iStick Basic Vape review

Let’s get this even more started with a Ratemybeard first ever Vape review. Yesterday we posted a review on the first ever vape juice, and today the actual vape machine. I purchased this vape about 2 weeks ago, after using a cheap ass vape pen from a no know brand that I bought in a vape shop in Poland while on vacation. I actually liked that one when I had it, but after trying the eLeaf iStick Basic, the old one was tucked away in a box somewhere, and are probably never coming back.

I know the iStick Basic isn’t anywhere near as powerful and extravagant as many other machines, but as a beginner I felt that I needed something easy to handle. And the eLeaf iStick Basic is just that, easy to handle! First of all, the only two things you have to keep track of is the on and off button, just click 5 times in a row to turn it on/off. And the airflow, but that is so easy.

The iStick Basic runs with a GS Air 2 atomizer (14mm), which in my opinion works really great. It features a battery capacity of 2300mAh, and a magnetic connector that makes it possible to use with all 510/eGo atomizers that is 14mm in diameter.

Here’s schematic of the eLeaf iStick Basic, so you can see the components:


The connector also comes with a male coupling, which makes using other atomizers real easy.

One this I really like with this machine, is the size. It’s pretty powerful, yet small enough to keep in your pocket while. The battery life is great, and I’ve used mine from full charge to zero, for two days. The size is 39.5mm*23mm*81mm and offers a resistance of 0.4ohm-5ohm.
The eLeaf iStick Basic comes in several color, like black, silver, grey, red, hot pink and blue, and a metallic feel and finish.

As for big clouds? Yea, they are pretty big, even tho it takes a pretty big breath to achieve it. The image at the top is me using the iStick Basic, and as you can see, it’s a pretty nice cloud.

I really recommend this device if you are new to vaping or want to take a step up from the regular vape pens. It comes at a very affordable price and does the trick. In the two weeks I’ve used it, I have only changed the coil once, and that was because I think I flooded it when pre-soaking it. Probably could’ve saved it, but though that I might as well change it.

If you feel that the eLeaf iStick Basic could be your next vape machine, check out your local eLeaf dealer, or check online for stores that sell them.

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eLeaf iStick Basic Review

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