REVIEW – GIBS Grooming Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil’s x3

GIBS Grooming is your wingman!

Holy crap, damn and cow. This is totally amazing, fantastic and crazy nice. Pardon my french, but I love these oils. I wish I could smell like this all the time, all over my body. I promise you, if you wear this oil out on the town, you might get a number or two, this is fantastic. If you are like me and you like more defined scents, more perfume scents, sweet, floral etc, these oils will rock your boat!

I’ve tried three different scents from GIBS Grooming, and I’ll be darned if all three of them smell amazing. They really hit the nail on the head with these ones. They tend to smell more like a perfume, but I love that! And yeah, it can be used as a hair and tattoo oil as well!

Let’s get going!

GIBS Grooming – Voodoo Prince – What sorcery is this? I can’t tell what it smells like. The only thing I can tell you is that it smells fantastic. It’s fresh, clean, perfumy and sexy. It’s a bit deep, it’s a little dark and it sure got some voodoo in it, because this is great. Not to give away too much, but after using this, my girlfriend got a little frisky and one thing led to another, so yeah, this is awesome! I’m wearing this more often…. Aaah, I can’t stop smelling it, it’s so fantastic and good. It resembles a floral scent, maybe with some sweet spice, maybe cardamom or something. I don’t know, I got to leave it at that, because this is just too good!

GIBS Grooming – Bush Master – Can I just copy+paste what I wrote above? Ok, the scent is different on the Bush Master oil, but it’s also fantastic, its so exciting, so sexy and warm. This kinda resembles a Axe spray perfume, but ten times better, fresher and more intoxicating. Fresh, crisp and freaking amazing… Yup, that’s it!

GIBS Grooming – Man Scaper – I might as just finish this review, because this is silly. Haha. This also has a perfume scent, and I can’t put my finger on it, but I so love it. My girlfriend love it, heck even our neighbor love it.

I did not try these oils in my hair, just beard. My hair is currently in it’s mohawk form and does not like liquids. I applied some to my tattoos, and yes, they do shine a little bit more. But I do think that I will keep this in my beard from now on. The oils themselves are pretty thick, and comes in pump action bottles. They are very easy to apply and absorbed easily into my beard. They are a clear liquid. They smell pretty strong, so if you are sensitive, do start with a small amount and work your way up.

The base ingredients in these oils, besides the fragrances, are: Cyclopentasilocane, Dimethiconol, C12-15, Alkyl Benzoate, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil, Copaifera Offcinalis (Balsam Copaiba) Resin, Violet 2.

Final thoughts:
I don’t think I need to tell you that I love these?! I rarely become so emotionally moved, in a weird but pleasurable way as with these oils. I wish I could bathe in these. And I hope, I hope that I can get a hold of a few extra bottles for a giveaway soon, because these beard oils are amazing!


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